Seoul Drama Awards 2010

(Lee Chae Young strutting cloth)

(SIDE NOTE: Like what I said on twitter, YAWZA on that dress! And yeah, everyone was ‘all-eyes’ on her. So this was a party, yeah!)

Just now, the Seoul Drama Awards 2010, it would be the 5th already, was just held at the KBS Hall in Yeouido. Announcing the winners at the POLL that was held at the internet for international dramas including Korea’s.
It was a star-studded night with top stars from the nominated dramas had graced the event. Images & Winners list below:

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Actresses attended the vogue fashion’s night out

Posted Image

(Park Ye Jin strikes a pose for the red carpet of VOGUE’s fashion’s night out)

Okay, you may be wondering if I’m into vogue or fashion or anything. But these are just images of one of the hottest ladies of Korea. haha. I’m weak, so I apologize. Images below shows variety of actresses attending the said event. Without further ado, the hotness ladies.

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Upcoming dramas about Presidency

So I just came across this really interesting article about the two upcoming dramas for KBS2 & SBS with the titles ‘President’ and ‘Dae Mul / Big Fish’ respectively. Indeed, the last quarter of 2010 will become politically interesting with these two dramas coming in our way to show us the drama behind one of the highest position a country may have. See article on the full post.

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Episode Highlights [Coffee House 9]

That capture is actually from Episode 10, since I was struggling to find a capture from episode 9, I looked for Episode 10 instead. And that image doesn’t represent the emotions brought onto this highlight. It’s the complete opposite of it. On to the Highlight. An episode of Coffee House feels like heaven and a tummy-ache after watching it. Each episode feels so refreshing every after each scene ends, and what I like about it more is that each character grows and develops more. The humor that each line contains is being delivered well, and the expressions and emotions match with it so much. If you’re still at Episode 8 and would like to avoid spoilers, do not see this post. Though it’s seriously hilarious.

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Dramas to anticipate this 3rd & 4th quarter of 2010

So far, how was the 1st & 2nd quarter of 2010 had treated you? Were one of your all-time favorites aired last two quarters? It’s such a surprise that we’re already at the mid-year of 2010 and we’ve left so much 2010 dramas already. And the list of the scheduled dramas to air for the 3rd & 4th quarter had given us a glimpse already on what they will air.

To sum it all up, this post will contain all of the new dramas that’ll be airing that covers this July~November, not yet confirmed but this is a press release only and changes may be made causing delay of filming, casting and some dramas with no schedule on when to air as well. Let’s wish this 3rd & 4th quarter would bring us more great dramas and better storylines, don’t we all wish that?

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New stills from the upcoming dramas

We’ve got some new stills for the upcoming dramas, The Musical, Sungkyungwan Scandal & GLORIA. The three dramas have different blends, genres from each other. The Musical’s stills showed Goo Hye Sun & Ok Joo Hyun filming, Sungkyungwan Scandal’s new stills shows the looks of the cast & GLORIA showed the image Lee Chun Hee will be portraying for the show.

The Musical will feature the story of aspiring stars to be part of a musical. And it features top star, Goo Hye Sun (Boys Over Flowers), Daniel Choi (High Kick Through the Roof) & Ok Joo Hyun. While Sungkyungwan Scandal will feature the story of the ‘F4’ of the Joseon days, sageuk style. It’ll be featuring newbie Micky Yoochun of TVXQ, Song Joong Ki (OB & GYN). Yoo Ah In (He Who Can’t Marry) & Park Min Young (Running). And MBC will be airing their newest Weekend drama, GLORIA and it’ll be about the hardships Na Jin Jin will be facing to be able to survive with her handicapped sister, Na Jin Joo. An all-star cast for the drama with Bae Doo Na, Seo Ji Suk, Lee Chun Hee & So Yi Hyun. All came out from new dramas last 2009 and just recently, this 2010.tills

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The Gumiho starts while Dong-Yi still leads

(KBS2, Gumiho: Fox’s Child)

I find it very rare to see all 4 dramas to be included in the Top 20 whenever one drama reaches the 30% mark. Remarkably, we have the new drama, Gumiho: Fox’s Child to be able to reach single ratings but considering the state of it’s predecessors it’s pretty decent. So we now have 1 contemporary drama, 2 sageuk dramas & 1 period drama for the Monday-Tuesday timeslot from the 3 big stations.

Which are still [in order] Dong Yi 동이, GIANT 자이언트, Gumiho: Fox’s Child 구미호여우누이뎐 & Coffee House 커피하우스. Here are the ratings for last Monday & Tuesday, July 5 & 6 of 2010. According to TNS Media Research for the whole Nationwide results & Seoul results as well.

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