Drama watch (Part 1)

Story of Man

This is my first blog post~ And I shall start with my first drama rant.
Shall call it, ‘Drama Watch’. Many parts! Depending on the dramas I’m addicted to now!
What drama now? What’s on the header? Story of A Man~

First words that entered my mind when I heard the title, ‘Story of Man/Slingshot’ is obviously it’s GAMBLING! I mean, seriously.. from all the dramas I’ve watched wherein the dude looks like a worn out person on the banners it clearly says “I work at a Casino and my friends are mainly gangsters.” Those kind of things. But guess what! The drama is very suprising. It isn’t about gambling at all! It’s all about stocks and businesses. Apparently, the generation today are intelligent men not barbarious men anymore.

Reasons why this drama is a must watch?

Shin & Do Woo

Park Yong Ha a.k.a Kim Shin, is the brother that owns a successful dumpling company that was bankrupted by the company owned by the father of Kim Kang Woo a.k.a Chae Do Woo. But basically Chae Do Woo was behind all of it. The plot is very amazing. Surprising per episode. They keep on improving per episode. Although there are points wherein it tends to be boring. One is wherein…. Oh! Wait. Have to change that. It doesn’t get boring at all! Everything is amazing. From the time, Kim Shin went to prison. and his moments where he was tortued in prison and like every KDrama, he became friends or buddy buddy with the people who tortured him, also where ‘Teacher’ or Park Ki Woong a.k.a Ahn Kyung Tae starts to be all stock kid nerdy and be all cool about it. The relationship of Park Si Yeon a.k.a Seo Kyung Ah & Kim Shin. The revenge of Kim Shin with Chae Do Woo with Lee Philip a.k.a Do Ja Myung and ‘Muse’ shop owner. Sounds boring, huh? Don’t worry! You won’t feel that ever!

But just a side note, you might get surprised with the amazing english of Do Ja Myung. You wouldn’t say it’s Engrish! It’s perfect American-English! Straight! Not like the average Korean-English. Since there would be times where he would be fooling people using his english skills. But with his surname and all he is american blood. Like, Dennis Oh. So, he is exempted with the Engrish thingy.

If you would compare this drama to the ‘manly manly’ dramas, East of Eden I would say. No chance at all. Episode number? Story of Man wins! it’s cast? sorry, let’s bring it to East of Eden. Acting? I would say fair. Both had great acting. It’s pacing? Story of Man indeed. Music? Story of Man brings the fusion type and the feeling like your in a disco where they play great music. East of Eden brings you the ‘aww’ or ‘Nap time’ music. Maybe your wondering why did I compare it to East of Eden? Because of the plot about basically men and stuffs and it’s all about ‘revenge’.

To end of this drama watch, It’s great! The drama is worth watching! Rating it from 1-5 let’s give this a 4.5 with some corrections to do. Just tweek some of this and that, and this drama is great already! Watch the drama now if you still haven’t watched it because of ‘First Impressions’ and commenting about the drama posters.

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  1. Posted by sayroo on May 29, 2009 at 11:04 pm

    Thanks, julie for visiting my site. ^^


  2. Posted by julier on May 29, 2009 at 3:14 am

    Congrats sayroo on your first blog post 🙂


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