Drama Watch (Part 3)


Ah! Yeah! I don’t just place currently airing dramas in Drama Watch. All in the past and present.
Okay, this drama is my very first KDrama. ‘We’ came across the drama in our local provider. Dubbed in local language. Then we had to buy the DVD and watch it in a marathon! Lovers In Paris 파리의연인 for Drama Watch 3~ Here we go!

Had watched this drama maybe 2004-2005? After watching it, the KDrama world is already open then ‘we’ had to watch various dramas already. Mainly, we had to hunt the comedy-romance genres. If it isn’t comedy, we’ll drop it. Not like today wherein I just watch every drama regardless with it’s cast and number of episodes. About the drama, very funny! The best! Kim Jung Eun’s acting as always had been superb! Park Shin Yang, nice acting for a character that had been seen in so many dramas! Lee Dong Gun.. ay! What did he do? Bad boy or something? I won’t go describing the characters in details since I can’t remember everything at all. Only the story.

Reasons why this drama is a must watch?

The drama was a big hit in Korea. Having a peak of 57.6% on it’s last episode and an average of 42.5%! It’s first episode had already broke the 20% barrier. What could be the reason why the Koreans had stay tuned on this already and had never brought it down even once? I may have to say that the cast might be one of the reasons why they were attracted.. Kim Jung Eun’s previous drama before this was a historical drama (Ladies of the Palace) and heard so many good things about it. So, we can place Kim Jung Eun as one of the reasons. Park Shin Yang had made tons of movies already. and Lee Dong Gun made a great performance in Sweet 18, so we can place cast as one of the things why they were attracted, right? It’s plot? Maybe they were already attracted with it already. Having a nice setting in Paris and it’s plot is really attractive (The two leads would pretend that they will get married Kim Jung Eun will act as a fiancee.) It’s something.

(Oh! That wonderful moment! That precious scene! Their dance!)

Kim Jung Eun’s comedic actions are so good! And she blend well with Park Shin Yang whenever they do a scene. A country-like girl and a business man full of ethics are something one can’t imagine to ever happen. Yet, they made it like reality! Their arguments. Funny!

Lee Dong Gun’s acting as someone who deeply loves Kim Jung Eun. Nothing much to say since I was merely focused with Park Shin Yang and Kim Jung Eun. Although, there are moments wherein he acts as a ‘superman’ to her. Those I focus too.


My final say with this drama, since it’s already complete! Download all the dramas then watch it together! Mixed emotions are in it! Want to cry because of the sweet moments. Do so. Want to laugh? Do it! Since Kim Jung Eun will get you with all her actions. Want to get mad with Park Shin Yang, yep. There would be moments that you would despite him. It’s normal. You’ll be thanking Lee Dong Gun after that.

The perfect scene of Paris will be shown in this drama. Excellent acting. Rating it from 1-5.. Wohoo! 5! 🙂 The best in the thrilogy of ‘Lovers’. 🙂 (Next to review is Lovers by Kim Jung Eun~ Soon!)

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