Movie Watch (Part 1)


We have Drama Watch and Movie Watch is here too! First I present, the hit last Christmas in Korea, Speed Scandal! If anyone have watched this already, read this with me! ^^ Enjoy the wonderful images I’ll show! Speed Scandal Movie Watch Open~

Just watched this movie last 2 weeks ago. The songs, the characters and story were all in my head for those 3 days after watching it. Withdrawal if what we must describe it? Yeah! That! I’m still finding my withdrawal stage. Since when you start with the movie you’ll think it’s ugh. Boring!! But, don’t worry. When the girl and the son comes the excitement begins!


Images of the Press Conference. It’s Jung Nam and son. If your expecting that the boy will bring the sunshine in the story. Your wrong. The mother will mostly make you smile! Yup! That girl their! She’ll mostly be the star in the latter half of the movie.

Character Introduction:


Cha Tae Hyun a.k.a Nam Hyun Soo is a VJ in the radio and has an own program called ‘Nam Hyun Soo’s Afternoon Program.’ In that program they hear various stories about various people. He encounters one girl that had a different story which made his radio program a hit. He didn’t know that the girl she’s talking to is actually her daughter. Brought by an intimate past. Now, he is nervous that this scandal might cause his carreer into dead-end. That is why he is seceretely taking care of his daughter and his grandson. Without letting the people know that he has a scandal. But one person would reveal that truth in the end of the story.


Park Bo Young a.k.a Huang Jung Nam is the girl that had a story that made Nam Hyun Soo’s radio program into a hit. An advice was given to him by Nam Hyun Soo to visit her father and tell her everything about her. She visits her father and one by one they have moments wherein they realize that they are really father & daughter. She has an amazing talent in singing. She joined her father’s radio program talent contest, because of that popularity she meets her ex-boyfriend. That turns out to be the real father of her son. Things will be unveiled until she her boyfriend starts to think that Huang Jung Nam is in a relationship with her father.


Wang Suk Hyun a.k.a Huang Gi Dong is the son of Huang Jung Nam and Grandson of VJ Nam Hyun Soo. He has an extreme talent in playing the piano. He has a little crush on his ‘playmate’ in a kindergaten. Together he and his mother faces struggles with their life.

The movie is very fun. It has some points where it’s funny. The music is very great. The girl is the reason why I smiled through the whole movie. Her smile, her actions and most especially her songs are what I had to withdraw with. The final, watch it when your ready! Your 2 hours will be filled with family love. and of course, the crazy look of Cha Tae Hyun. ^^

2 responses to this post.

  1. like this so much,, ^_^. so funny ^_^


  2. This is one of the best movies I have seen!
    The whole story and the characters is amazing and really funny. I loved how the actors play theirs parts to perfectly and you’re rigth, the music is pretty amazing too!


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