Three Men and Three Women. (Triple)


(Lee Jung Jae, Lee Ha Na, Yoon Kye Sang, Kim Hee, Lee Seon Gyun & Min Hyo Rin (center))

Another upcoming drama. Triple, the MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama (to replace Cinderella Man) will air on June 10. And will be competing with KBS2 Partner 파트너. They had released quite some pics already since it’s only 2 weeks and it will air!

The story is all about a figure-skater and the advertising job. Read that it was a first time. (Not sure?) Images of cast~

The Three Men:

Lee Jung Jae

(Lee Jung Jae, replaced Kang Ji Hwan in the casting)

Lee Seon Gyun

(Lee Seon Gyun, one of the original to be cast *and doesn’t get tired with dramas*)

Yoon Kye Sang

(Yoon Kye Sang, also one of the people that was originally casted *after a doing good job in Who Are You?*)

Am still puzzled on why they had 6 leads. And it’s separate with 3 men and 3 women. As what I placed above, Kang Ji Hwan was originally casted, but because of no reason at all, he backed-out. That’s very sad to hear when I read that.

The Three Women:

Min Hyo Rin

(Min Hyo Rin, the figure-skater. This is her acting debut!)

Lee Ha Na

(Lee Ha Na, saw in the preview, she might be having some romance with yoon kye sang. *peppermint*)

Kim Hee

(Kim Hee, not much info to give. She looks like Seo Hyo Rim (in this pic))

As what I mentioned, I saw in the preview, Yoon Kye Sang and Lee Ha Na having some romances. Well, we can accept, right? Yoon Kye Sang and Lee Ha Na! Perfect combination. And also, Lee Ha Na is the best! Haven’t seen her act but I watch her peppermint in KBS WORLD! Wohoo! The best. 🙂 About Min Hyo Rin, I know I’ve seen her already. Can’t remember if it was a movie? But, this is her acting debut in the drama world. And Kim Hee, don’t know who she is. Probably someone who acts in daily dramas/weekend dramas.


Hope this drama won’t make me want to sleep.. I have high expectations with this. Unaware of it’s plot or anything. So, yeah! I’m looking forward with the stellar cast! Let’s enjoy triple next 2 weeks from now!

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