Movie Watch (Part 2)

Shin ssi

The lovely Han Ye Seul. Anyone fell in love with her in Fantasy Couple? I know I was! Okay, just a mere introduction about the story. Han Ye Seul is a player here. One we call,’Gold Digger’ That’s why the movie’s title is Miss Gold Digger some name it as Miss Shin. Judging from that banner. It really is Miss Shin. A 2007 movie that garnered awards for her great performance (as always!) in this movie. Movie Watch Part 2~

Who ever said that Women can not play with men? That’s what the movie is basically all about. And added info, Han Ye Seul here is all for money. Her men are like a package. She has one for brains, for money & for looks. While the other one is for truth. (?)

Character Introduction:

Mi Soo

Shin Mi Soo, The lovely Han Ye Seul is someone who has passion for everything. Money & Men. In this movie, Shin Mi Soo will be dating 4 guys at the same time. All 3 are madly in love with her, while the other one there are still things yet to do. She will soon encounter one big problem wherein all the boys will meet in one place. And she will soon discover that the rich guy she is dating has a major addiction for something.


She first dates a geek, who he is pushing to study hard for exams. While the other guy is rich and successful but has a secret that is to be revealed. And another one who is younger than her, a guy who is for party and fun. And the last one, the guy who is responsible, he was the first to notice that Shin Mi Soo is dating 3 guys on the same time. But he starts to be close with her because of certain accidents.

Reasons why this movie is a must watch?

I guess everyone knows Han Ye Seul? The lady that made a hit in Couple of Fantasy then followed her role with Tazza (yet have to watch!). I’ll describe Han Ye Seul and her characters. She’s the actress that has a character who is like a spoiled brat or bitchy. But she is also the type that one person couldn’t hate. You’ll think that she’s cute with that character. She keeps on making us laugh because of her silly actions. Her beautiful face and her excellent english and korean. If you would say that Han Chae Young would act all flirty and things, we’ll dislike her. She doesn’t fit the role. My main point, watch this movie with an expectation that Han Ye Seul will give you that smile.

Side note, she sang one of the OST songs of this movie. It’s very beautiful. For an amateur singer (she is an amateur, right?) it’s pretty good. I’d listened to it all day when I was going back-and forth.

Movie ratings. 4.5 It had scenes where it had nothing. And some jokes where.. ugh, not funny! Again, I recommend but watch the movie when you have nothing to do. That way you’ll be delighted to do some stuffs and discover more of Han Ye Seul. (if you get tired with movies I review that I always recommend, don’t worry. I’ll review some bad movies next!)

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