Bad Ratings, Great Soundtrack

(Worlds Within)                                            (Story of A Man)

Those two are not just the dramas that had nothing when it comes to ratings but we enjoyed their OST. From what I have watched and enjoyed there OST, there are at least, 5 2008 dramas and 1 2009 drama that can be given the title, “Bad Ratings, Great Soundtrack.” Non 2008 and 2009 dramas are added also.

First 5 ‘2008 dramas’ that had bad ratings but had great music (in order):

Worlds Within

  • The World That They Live In/Worlds Within

Lowest ratings was 4.8% on it’s 9th Episode and Special. Peak is, 7.7% on it’s 16th Episode.

I’ll consider this drama as the most unfortunate in ratings, in terms of it’s plot. It was the very very underrated drama for 2008. I really didn’t know why the drama had that low in ratings. Did no one enjoy Joo Joon Young and Jung Ji Oh? Especially with their OST! Almost everything in the OST were great! It’s tunes are great! I’ve read that their OST’s were much more credited than the story. For me, i’d liked both. (enough, I don’t want to remember my Worlds Within addiction)

Who Are You?

  • Who Are You?

Lowest ratings was 6.9% on it’s 17th Episode. Peak is 12.5% on it’s 4th Episode.

Again, it had at least 75% of it’s OST where the tunes are jolly and very enjoying. This is 3rd for most unfortunate with it’s story and had a great OST! (Story: the body of her father is using Yoon Kye Sang as a communication through her daughter.)


  • Three Dads and One Mom

Lowest ratings was 6.9% on it’s 10th Episode. Peak is 15.2% (3rd) on it’s 3rd Episode.

Ranking this as 6th. It has 50% of it’s OST where I had enjoyed. It’s songs were similar to WAY? both were jolly and enjoyable. The jolly jolly songs. (Story: Three friends donated their sperms for their friend and his wife. Then suddenly the friend died because of an accident, they begin to discover who is the real father of the baby.)

Star's Lover

  • Celebrity Sweetheart/Star’s Lover

Lowest ratings was 8.0% on it’s 5th Episode. Peak is 10.1% on both 7th & 8th Episode.

Seriously, this drama made me realize that Choi Ji Woo is a cute actress. Her acting in this was superb! A childish like actress. The OST for the drama was melodramatic type. A ballad if you must say. (Story: the Korean Version of Notting Hill.) Ranking this as 7th. Atleast 50% is good.

Love Marriage

  • Love Marriage/Match Maker’s Lover

Lowest ratings was 3.8% on both 10th and 15th Episode. Peak is 6.6% on it’s 2nd Episode.

Love Marriage, boring yet fun drama. It was all about romance. It’s OST was techno-modern-romantic type music. A mixed variety that’s why I had fun with it. 40% of it’s OST was worth it. 8th ranking.

2009-Past dramas that had bad ratings but had great music (in order):

park Si yeon

  • Story of Man/The Slingshot

Currently Airing drama so far, Lowest ratings was 7.4% on it’s 2nd Episode. Peak so far is, 9.4% on 10th Episode.

Okay, this is the drama next to Worlds Within that made me sorry sorry for the drama and production team. Who wouldn’t love the OST? It’s techno, modern and R&B like. Those are great! 2nd place and 90% of it’s OST was great for the ears.


  • Snow Queen/Noon Eui Yeo Wang

Lowest ratings was 5.4% on it’s 1st Episode. Peak is 11.1% on it’s 12th Episode.

Ah! Snow Queen.. the melodramatic OST! Yep, this is our 4th place. 60% is great! especially the two extras! I miss Bo-Ra. 😦


  • Cloud Staircase

It had a very low rating on it’s run. But it’s OST is the same with Snow Queen, a melodramatic type. Kinda slow but not that boring type. You can still appreciate it. 55% is great. And it’s on the 5th place on my list.

I’m not saying that high rated dramas had ugly OST’s but mostly, good OST can be found on low ratings. I can name some high rated dramas that have horrible OST. 🙂

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