Drama Watch (Part 5)


Terroir~ The drama that was titled as the first drama all about Wine. It had filmed in Bordeaux, France. Had a very large amount of production. But unluckily, it wasn’t SBS’s best drama in terms of ratings. Since it had been a flop in it’s ratings. Since it was against the MBC Mammoth, East of Eden and KBS2’s, Worlds Within (not much of a threat for Terroir) and behemoth, Boys Over Flowers. It didn’t attract much viewers although it had scenes in France. Drama Watch Part 5 is for Terroir~

How would one person continue with such drama that began great and slowly becomes garbage? That is what I kept on telling myself. Had backing-out myself from continuing with it. Han Hye Jin was great with her stupid-like character, but it’s story is what makes me want to drop it. Am still wondering if I’ll continue to watch Episode 8 then proceed with 9? Would that waste my time? Considering the 90 minutes that will be wasted. In those time.. I should be able to finish an episode for Kekkon Dekinai Otoko, or another episode for Brilliant Legacy.. Shall I? It still makes me weird out if I should follow the people of Korean by dropping it also and just ignore it.. Oh, well.

About the drama:

Han Hye jin

Han Hye Jin is Lee Woo Joo, she thought that she was fooled by her boyfriend when he went to France. And when she came back she met a person who is the real owner of the house/shop (it’s a native wine house? can’t get the correct name) that they currently own. Their she met several persons, including, Kang Tae Min a major wine collector. Specializing on tasting of wine.

(sorry, so far those I can get and chat down, more on my feeling for the drama)

Kang tae Min

Okay, I’ll get to the point already..

First Episode, left a great impression. Han Hye Jin made me laugh because of her stupid actions. Where she pretends to be OMO stupid. Then, they started to place beautiful scenes of Bordeaux, France already! Very amazing. That moment on, I was already happy and thought that another great and underrated drama! Then the last scene of Episode 1 was the funniest. It made me laugh first thing I saw it. Made me play it for a thousand times. Now we know that It left a great first impression..

Second-Third Episode, okay.. 2nd-3rd episode was average. Thought it still was amazing since Jo Yi and Woo Joo starts to do some superman helping scenes.. Kinda fun, huh?  Then, we leave it to the next Episodes..

Fourth-Sixth Episode, it starts to be draggy and made me boring very much!! I was watching it December 23rd, It was 2 days before Christmas and it left a bad impression already! The drama is starting to be boring. Lee Woo Joo is being too much and overaacting. Tae Min is being very annoying. and the crew of the restaurant starts to get on my nerves for being greatly great.

Seventh-Eight Episode, okay. The thoughts of dropping it already went through my mind. And to think that the drama would be making me smile after the incident of East of Eden.. guess not. It made it worst. I’m still not done at episode. I still have 30 minutes left then I’m done.

There are only 4 charcters here that made me continue. (The 2 main leads are not included!) Ahjumma and Ahjussi of Woo Joo. The two are a great team-up. Their both funny, although they have less screen time, they help carry the story a little. and the 2 supporting, Jo Yi & Ji Seon. Ji Seon is the person that does some comforting for Tae Min, same goes to Jo Yi for Woo Joo. Their actions are nearly better than the two leads. Whenever their scenes would be cut, aah. Then the leads will be shown. Mood back to bored. The 4 had shown better scenes than the two 2. Well, since the 2 would mostly contain the Major Scenes. I’ll blame it to the major scene instead, it’s all about the wine restaurant and chaos begins there. Same with the very important wine. Aah. Very minor for such story..


Talking about ratings now, it’s peak was at it’s 8th Episode for 10.8%. Those times I already thought that it’s ratings would be starting to improve. That’s why I’ve rushed myself in watching Episode 7-8. Made me bored. Then, the ratings for Episode 9 fell to 8.5%, back to it’s lowest. So, maybe I followed the trend. And maybe it’s true. It loss it’s touch on Episode 8..

For my own ratings for this Good to Garbage.. 1-5, 2.. It deserves that.

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