That Fool Episode 4


I was watching Episode 4 already just awhile ago.. managed to chat it down and start doing this maybe. 🙂 Since it’s my favorite episode so far. Will do maybe the same thing with Brilliant Legacy~

Episode 4:


Episode 3 ended where Goo Dong Baek bought tons of bicycle for lots of children using the money that Ji Soo was giving Sang Chul didn’t wanted to receive ever since he stayed in Australia. In that scene, Goo Dong Baek told Ji Soo that she is accepting the ‘wedding plans.’ Then, after that. Han Ji Soo decided to buy Goo Dong Baek a shaver. Which Goo Dong Baek didn’t really need because he doesn’t have much facial hair. But because of it’s sentimental value, Goo Dong Baek apprecciated it very much.


Because of the massive popularity that Goo Dong Baek is attaining, the boss decided to give him a Recognition Award. Where his intentions are to be closer to Dong Baek because of Han Ji Soo. But he wants to know the people that he doesn’t have any favoritism or whatsoever for Dong Baek.


The day of the press conference has already come. Inside the dressing room, The manager prepared a ring for the two as a sign that they are really engaged, as Han Ji Soo was reaching out for the ring, it suddenly fell. Dong Baek picks it up and while he is kneeling to stand up, reporters suddenly started to barge in the room, and they accidentally saw Dong Baek kneeling infront of Ji Soo holding a ring. Kinda like he is proposing. There they just went along and pretended that he is proposing. Camera starts to flush on the two of them.


The press conference begins. (Hwang Jung Min made ma laugh here!) The couple starts to pose for the camera and shows off their ring. Suddenly, Goo Dong Baek told everyone that he had learned ‘Kung-fu’ when he was a kid. He starts to do poses showing off his fingers and his ring. (Amazing Hwang Jung Min!) which made every reporter wanted to capture the moment.


Reporter Baek had started to asks questions that would make the two nervous. Reporter Baek tried to trick Dong Baek by asking about the Step-father of Ji Soo obliging with their marriage. But luckily, Han Ji Soo managed to rescue Dong Baek with that question and gave an answer that she doesn’t have a father and she should be the one answering such questions. Then she entered a statement that her mother is out of the country and she knows all about Dong-Baek and her. Reporter knows that Ji Soo’s mother is not out of the country, he suddenly asked Dong-baek where Ji Soo’s mother is. Then Dong-baek suddenly answered, America. and, Ji-Soo had to agree to support Dong-baek’s answer.


Min-Ji was able to spot Ji-Soo’s car. There she snoops in on the mirror of the car. Ji-Soo starts to greet Min Ji and all. Then, she went in the house and had to sit in the yard of Dong-Baek’s house. Which makes her and Dong Baek starts to look into the sky and be sentimental and all.. But manager went in and and asked Ji-Soo that they have to leave. Making the mood uncomfortable for the two.


The co-star of Han Ji Soo visited Dong-baek’s house saying that something happened to Han Ji Soo. Making Dong-Baek panic and suddenly left with him. While Ji Soo is at the house of Kang Mo. She receives a call from her co-stars that Dong-baek is with them, making Ji-Soo and manager nervous because of what Dong-Baek might accidentally say. Then, Ji-Soo went to the bar and warned dong-baek to not drink because the actors are kinda wild and too risky. To avoid Dong-Baek drinking, Ji-Soo decided to sing in the bar which makes everyone’s attention to her.


On the way to the restroom, Dong-baek overheard Jae Hee (actor) and another actor talking about him and Ji-Soo. Jae-Hee starts to insult Han Ji-Soo by saying that she will be married 10 times and one of them would be him. Making Dong-Baek mad and barged in the bathroom and wanting him to apologize for what he said. But Jae-hee hesitated and starts to push Dong-Baek. Making Dong-Baek remember what his father told him, to give people some time to apologize and if they would not apologize, make a decision to hit them or not. Their Dong-baek gave him a headbutt. Leading all of them into a hospital, Dong-Baek had a band-aid on him because of the headbutt.


Manager and Han Ji-Soo started to talk on the way home, telling her to inform Dong-Baek their boundaries. Since it may lead them to fall in love with each other because of them having some touching scenes or sweet moments. It made Ji-Soo think about it. Then made her tell Dong-Baek to sign the divorce papers and started to say harsh words that all of this was only a show. And he shouldn’t fall inlove with Ji-Soo. Telling him to have conditions or to give him something in replace for what he had been doing to her. Making Dong-Baek sad and crushed again from the words of Ji-Soo.


After Dong-Baek reached home, his mind is still puzzled if he would sign it or not. Made him decide that he will be stamping it as a sign that they’ll be divorcing after a certain time after marriage. Min-Ji entered and asked if Ji-Soo can go to their father’s memorial anniversary. Since Dong-baek didn’t agree, she managed to get the handphone of Dong-baek without him knowing. Min-Ji asked Ji Soo, Ji-Soo said she’ll call back. Then when she returns the phone. Ji-Soo called and Dong-baek answered and heard that Ji-Soo was available to go.


At the memorial, Ji-Soo brought Sang Chul with her. Since Sang Chul and Ji-Soo starts to fight. But Dong-baek interrupted it by throwing a basket-ball (litteraly made of basket) asked the two if they could play soccer. And make it a Han vs. Go. Brotherhood and sisterhood bonding like.


The game is over, Ji-Soo bringing back the ball and they start to talk sentimentally and slowly.. Which made Dong-Baek think that he shouldn’t fall in love with her since she starts to adore Ji-Soo.. Making him ask for help from his father.


My favorite episode so far. Han Ji Soo starts to piss me because of hurting Dong-Baek. Making Dong-Baek like a dummy for saying such things. But suddenly draw me out because of the game! Very fun. So much family relationship in it. Oh, well. I nominate Hwang Jung Min as best actor or Daesang! Good good good. The greatest stone-like character ever.

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