That Fool Episode 5


Episode 5.. Aah. The best. Still. Hwang Jung Min! Idol! Idol! Idol! idol! 🙂 Han Ji Soo became an angel here! Finally, she was being nice with Dong-Baek.. Funny episode as always. Dong-Baek is the hearthrob for this episode.

Episode 5:

Episode 4 ended with Goo Dong Baek and Han Ji Soo. Episode 5 started with the two again.. Chatting while sitting. Han Ji-Soo was curious why does Dong-Baek liked to eat that silver pill. It made Dong-Baek answer that it was his father’s favorite and out of habit he keeps one eating it already. Then they talked about Dong-Baek being very close to his sister, Min-Ji. Goo DongBaek answered that he was the one who did everything for Min-Ji since their parents died when they were still both young, doing everything except for Breast-feeding as what Dong-Baek said. Making Ji-Soo smile and felt weird about it, Dong-Baek had to say sorry because of what he said. Trying to be careful with his words.

Then, Min-Ji and Sang-Chul started to talk also about her oppa, Dong-Baek. Min-Ji described her oppa as someone who took care of her like a parent, she said that she can count on her fingers the moments wherein she misses her parents.
She also said that Ji-Soo would be very lucky once his oppa and her would get married.. Then Sang-Chul said if being close to their dongsaeng (younger siblings) is such a big deal. Then Min-Ji had to say that Sang-Chul had been very rude with her noona. Then, Sang-Chul walked away and felt that he regretted talking to Min-Ji.


Dong-Baek had to say goodbye to his father. Then, Ji-Soo asked if Dong-Baek could wait for him before she offer the flowers. Ji-Soo said to Dong-baek’s father “I’ll be doing my best to prevent Dong-Baek from getting hurt.” “I promise you.”

Before they went home they decided to stop-by Min Ji’s friend’s Chicken restaurant. They decided (except Sang Chul) that they’ll eat there. We all know that Min-Ji’s friend offered to date Dong-Baek instead in Episode 1. That’s why her facial expression was very mad-like when she saw Han Ji Soo.. Giving her rude actions by serving the food in a throw-like manner. Serving the beer with her finger on it. It made Ji-Soo very scared about it. And Min-Ji had to apologize on behalf of her friend and Ji-Soo overheard the conversation of min-Ji and her friend about what happened on Episode 1.

When Dong-Baek was back home, he had a box where all of the things from Ji-Soo are being kept all there (aah! nice!). Ji-Soo, after receiving the divorce papers from Dong-Baek went in the car and on their way home, Ji-Soo told her manager that a person likes Goo-Dong Baek. It made her ask to herself that she didn’t bother to know Dong-Baek’s life because she keeps on thinking when would the show would be over..

The scene is now with Min-Ji and Dong-Baek eating, Dong-Baek praising her sister’s Kimchi by saying his catch-phrase “Da Bong” (stupid me, I thought it was Ddo Bang, so I tweeted Ddo Bang! haha!) which means very good.. Then Min-Ji and Dong-baek started to talk about presents, then Dong-Baek said that he’ll be buying Min-Ji a Han Bok. Min-Ji didn’t like it so she had to ask for 2 dresses. Then, the two went to the mall and Min-Ji didn’t just bought 2 dresses, but tons. (Aah. Bonding with Brother-Sister!)

Then. Kang Mo decided to give Dong-Baek a present in name of Ji-Soo. It made Dong-baek ask that presents weren’t part of his 3 wishes. Then, after his work, Ji-Soo suddenly wanted to have dinner with Dong-Baek, just the two of them. Since Dong-baek already synced everything in that he can’t be Ji-Soo’s friend, thinking that the dinner was for etiquette lessons. But, Ji-Soo had other intentions. This time, after they eat she asked Dong-baek to place his number on her hand phone if they wanted to be friends. Making Dong-baek all giggly and happy about it. Since Ji-Soo is starting to be more and more like human. Dong-Baek was so happy that he slept with his cellphone next to him. (Aww. Dong-baek!)

Now, Dong-baek’s “offiice mates” were jealous since they weren’t invited in DongBaek & JiSoo’s wedding only Team Manager and the Boss were. But instead, Dong-baek decided to treat them in a Sanggyupsal (grill like store). When they were leaving already. Dong-baeks back suddenly sticks out and Kyung Ae noticed it and thought of things. (Made me laugh!)

At the grill, Kyung Ae starts to adore Dong-Baek by noticing Dong-Baek’s every move. Dong-baek’s face & fingers. Until she got drunk after coming out of the restroom with very red lipstick.  While Dong-Baek is talking to team manager since team manager is kinda making a move if he can be Groom’s Men. But suddenlt Kyung ae starts to throw things on him. A lemon, lettuce and finally a meat. (hahaha!)

Because Kyung Ae is very drunk because of two shots of soju. She starts to adore Dong-baek again, then she suddnely kissed Dong-baek. Making all the people in the restaurant a papparazzi like where they started to flush their cameras. (trouble.. dum dum dum dum.)

Then again, while Ji-Soo is out with someone and jogging, Reporter Baek suddenly asked Ji-Soo if she has any idea that Kang Mo will be the representative of a gossip paper or newspaper. It made Ji-soo curious and left Reporter Baek. She asked her manager if she can see Kang Mo right away. There Kang-Mo straighted things out that he won’t be accepting the position. It made Ji-Soo in a relief stage. That she was happy because Kang Mo won’t be the one to make the gossips all about her.

Because of the scandal with Kyung Ae and Dong-Baek. It was all around the internet. Making everyone nervous that the wedding might be called-off. Dong-Baek went to Ji-Soo’s house asking if it was a big trouble. Luckily, Ji-Soo is human now, and just laughed at it and said that there’s no problem with it at all. Giving a relief for Dong-Baek.

(Funniest scene!) The Boss starts to meddle in what happened, he called for everyone that was in the grill especially, Kyung-Ae. If you can see the stills on top, the 5 were the funniest! Acting like battalions or soldiers! Haha! Dramatic like scene!

The postman boss had to ask Kyung Ae why she did such thing. She only did it because she knows that Dong-Baek likes her. Making everyone deny that it wasn’t true. Until Dong-Baek came. Kyung Ae and the boss was asking if it was true. He wholeheartedly say that it was true. Yet, Ji-Soo was still fine with it. The boss was surprised. And had to leave since it was no big deal at all. Dong-baek offered his handkerchief to Kyung Ae (yet another thing for Kyung Ae to be flattered with!)

Here are some extra scenes I don’t want to show caps already although some are touching. But it’s a long episode.:

Sang-Chul went to her sister’s house and asked about the photos, Ji-Soo answered that there’s nothing to worry about and she knows the girl. Making Sang-Chul at rest. Min-Ji was also worried and keeps on bugging her brother if the marriage will be ruined. Yet, Dong-Baek said nothing is to be worried. He places a lock at the house of Min-Ji since she will be alone because of the wedding tommorow. Then, Ji-Soo went to her mother, they had a conversation if problems would struck them she can just say, “It’ll be alright.. It’ll be alright…. It’ll be alright.” And Kang-Mo sent a text to Ji-Soo that what if something might get wrong. Ji-Soo just answered that Everything will be okay (3 times!)

Okay, wedding day! Ji-Soo and Dong-baek are being prepared already. Make-up & Dress.

Because of Kang-Mo’s decision by not being Representative of the Gossip paper. His father decided to make-up stories why he denied the position to Kang Mo’s step-father. Leaving Kang-Mo with no choice but to accept it even if Ji-Soo wouldn’t like it.

Kang-Mo and her fiancee was about to leave. But suddenly Ji-Soo stepped out of her car and saw the two. Congratulating Ji-Soo, Kang-Mo’s fiancee suddenly told Ji-Soo that Kang-Mo became Editor-in-Chief or Representative. Making Ji-Soo all sad and dissapointed.. (kinda mad too!)

Now, it’s the wedding. When the spokesperson called Dong-baek “Groom, Enter”. Dong-baek went in and bowed. Then it’s Ji-Soo’s turn “Bride, Enter.” Still no sign of Ji-Soo. Making the spokesperson say it twice. Then, Manager went in and told Dong-baek that Ji-Soo is nowhere to be found. Making everyone worried.

Everyone didn’t know where Ji-Soo is. Even Min-Ji was depressed because her brother and Ji-Soo’s wedding didn’t continue. Now, when Dong-Baek went out. he saw Kyung-Ae standing out of her house. He asked if she could go in. Then, Min-Ji saw Kyung Ae and remembered the girl in the pic. She attacked Kyung-Ae. and Dong-Baek had to stop. Then, suddenly the taxi Kyung Ae was riding stopped and she went out and told Dong-Baek that, if the wedding won’t continue as planned, she’ll take responsibility for Dong-Baek. (Hearthrob!)

The black cat is back! They started to talk again, Dong-Baek was asking if the cat saw Ji-Soo. Then, Ji-Soo called Dong-baek saying that she is at an edge of a cliff.


Aah. Finally! Ji-Soo is being nice to Dong-baek. This time, Dong-baek doesn’t laugh nor smile when Ji-Soo makes jokes! haha! It’s the other way around. Long Episode. So many charcters pissed me, including, Min-Ji and Reporter Baek. The two were darn meddling! Aah~ Da Bong! all good Highlights were in this episode.

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