Drama Watch (Part 6)

GH2 (The Cast of General Hospital 2)

The drama that replaced Beethoven Virus. Aired last November 19, 2008. It also had successful ratings. Since we can’t consider it’s a flaw. Peak was 19.1% on both 13th and 17th Episode. It is also the sequel of the 1994 drama, General Hospital. Which had original actors that are still in General Hospital 2. Drama Watch Part 6 is for General Hospital 2 종합병원 2.

First Episode already gave me the creeps. Imagine an arm is lost? A sharp wood is placed behind a patient? Tragic.. that’s why it excite me. But at the same time, I nearly puked. But! Emotions, feelings.. those things are what you can find in a Hospital. Either, Happy, Sad, or Confused. Those 3 are the most feelings you’ll feel when watching General Hospital 2 or any medical drama. I’m so glad I didn’t watch Grey’s Anatomy or E.R. General Hospital 2 for me will be the only drama that i’ll be watching that will focus only about the Hospital.

Why watch General Hospital 2:


Jung Ha Yeon                     Choi Jin Sang              Baek Hyun Woo

Well, General Hospital 2 brings you tears, laughter, knowledge & care. The writers managed to place all 4 in one big drama! It’s full of tears because of every patient’s situation. What way can you bring a person emotional than giving one hardship of a person in terms of their health. Risks that a person may die. One great example why a person should pity such person. Laughter? we can see Cha Tae Hyun there, don’t we? We should expect lots of laughter. and given the medical genre thingy.. We should learn lots of stuffs. What is ‘Brain Dead?’ Why does one person have ‘Internal bleeding?’ Those things are pretty much learned from the internet or google it, right? But watching a drama where you expect feelings.. but also gives some goof things. And now, care.. I can’t explain it in much details but it brings lots of family love. Sickness or disease is the main root of that again.

That’s why I believe that lot’s of emotions happen inside the Hospital. The most tragic situations ever could happen in it. Life or death itself is inside the hospital.


Kang Eun Ji                         Kim Do Hoon                   Han Gi Tae

Signs that Choi Jin Sang is being too careless:

When it’s involved with a patients life already. Start hating Jin-Sang! When also it wouldn’t do any good. Not like when he lost his pig, he got a nickname of ‘Pig’ from Jung ha yeon. Funny~

Jung Ha Yeon made me cry because:

Her deep deep sad moment about her father dying from a doctor’s fault. Literally, that scene made me sad, Kim Jung Eun was very powerful as an actress. Her deep story about her father was really sad.

Baek Hyun Woo is irritating when too smart:

Because he starts to blab nerdy stuffs and Han Gi Tae starts to praise him. Also, wherein he’s being a know-it all too much. But he is the best when it’s only Jung Ha Yeon and him. (Nice nice!)


Okay, I’ll compare this drama to just ended, Cain & Abel removing the brotherhood thingy, I chose that because Cain & Abel had a medical side also. But it was much creepy, imagine opening a skull infront of a camera? Showing the camera that their opening the head by using a scalpel? Yep, puke also. It was the same thing with General Hospital 2. Emotions, feelings, I go for General Hospital 2. Plot and pacing, Cain & Abel. (It had more in it than GH2) Music? Aah. Cain & Abel as always! One of my favorite OST! Last, characters, sorry. General Hospital 2 had it in. The great combination of Kim Jung-Eun and Cha Tae-Hyun.

Ending it off, I’ll rate this from 1-5 as a 4. it’s natural that way. It wasn’t too perfect yet it was a painting of Mona-Lisa wherein the eyebrows are it’s finishing touches. I’m still not done with the drama, so I haven’t watched the romance. (if there is? from what I see with Baek Hyun-Woo and Jung Ha-Yeon).

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