Drama Watch (Part 7)

(Lee Dong Gun, Kim Ha Neul & Kim Seung Soo)

I was reading the comments on the soompi thread of this drama. Read so many comments that it’s ending was very bad because of what happened with Kim Seung Soo. And with Lee Dong Gun-Kim Ha Neul. I have to say that it wasn’t really bad. KDramas are the ones I usually watch that doesn’t give much happy endings since it’s mainly based on what may really happen in real life. I like it that way instead of being a fairytale over and over again. Yurihwa a.k.a Stained Glass an SBS 2004 classic for Drama Watch~.

Seriously, SBS, what did you guys do to make us so addicted with 2004 with your romantic dramas? First was, Lovers In Paris, then you gave us Save the Last Dance, My sister in law is 19 was one also, What happened in Bali was something, too. And now, Stained Glass? Can 2004 be revived all over again? Year of the romances?  Now, Stained Glass had a great gist on it. Kim Ha Neul and Lee Dong Gun were great as a wanting to be couple-like.


From what it’s ending had gave us, nobody ended up with nobody. Since practically the drama exercises Loyalty to one’s partner. Although, Kim Ha Neul & Lee Dong Gun had some cheating events with each other, we can’t deny the fact that Kim Ha Neul was entangled with Kim Seung Soo from their childhood. And with the relationship of Lee Dong Gun and Kim Seung Soo it had been unraveled by the love of one’s friend’s partner.

The ending is this, Kim Seung Soo had to die.. Lee Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul never ended up together, the last scene was where Lee Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul parted ways in the airport. To think that it would be depressing since we always wanted our leads to end up with each other, not like in the very tragic dramas like, Stairway to Heaven, Choi Ji Woo died because of sickness.. Making the love story of both Kwon Sang Woo & Choi Ji Woo eternal. It is quite romantic that way, since we will be stable nor be curious on what happened with the two. Instead of having a pretty pretty like ending wherein the two got married, that can still have a story behind, yet another chapter we need to be curious about. But an ending wherein the two leads didn’t end up with each other is priceless, our minds shall be at rest that the two separated their ways and may possibly ended up with each other.

In terms of viewership ratings, shall we describe ‘bad ending’ dramas as a hit? Yes we do, big budgeted sageuks are one example, we already know that such characters would die since they don’t exist in real life anymore nor their a myth. The Book of Three Han, it didn’t show that Jumong died, but it was narrated at the end that after years of reign he died. Nor his love story was not also successful. Never ended up with his main partner, Han Hye Jin. 2008’s Hong Gil Dong, Gil Dong and Yi Nok died together it showed eternal love, more like interpretated. Yet in the end Gil Dong was shown alive. Similar example is Iljimae of SBS, died and never ended up with Eun Chae or Bong-Soon. He came back alive helping people. That is one example of a myth. In terms of modern life stories, ‘What Happened In Bali’ is one good example, 2 of the 3 lead charcters died because of Un-Loyalty.

Had to focus on it’s ending more since it was very much questioned. Hope that was clear. The comparisons of dramas.

About the drama, it’s your type of drama wherein the 2 leads can’t be together because the girl is entangled with a boy. The boy (Kim Seung Soo) isn’t a normal boy, it’s the childhood friend of the guy (Lee Dong Gun) who tries to get the girl (Kim Ha Neul). Lee Dong Gun was adopted by Japanese parents. Which made him grew up in Japan. Separating the two friends, Lee Dong Gun and Kim Seung Soo. After a couple of years, Lee Dong Gun comes back to Korea meeting his friend and it’s girlfriend. (From what I remember, at first Lee Dong Gun didn’t like Kim Ha Neul, they only developed because of Kim Seung Soo.)

Final words for the drama, it was a great year-ender for 2004. It was a light dramatic drama, full of emotions. 4 is my rating for this drama~ Would like to watch more dramas with the same plot. Kim Ha Neul and Lee Dong Gun for the win!

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