Heaven’s Postman Trailer


Aah~ 3 Trailers were released for this upcoming Telecinema project, a joint Japan-Korea project. Heaven’s Postman was the first announced as the first episode for this project. Since all 3 trailers practically showed the same thing, here is the longest. Filming was already done. Han Hyo Joo And Hero Jae Joong will star as leads. It will most probably air in October. Heaven’s Postman is the first episode, a trailer is here.

The trailer itself was very sad. It will already show in the end that Jae Joong will leave Hyo Joo. The story itself is very sad judging from the trailer.

First trailer (thanks to DBSKnightsBlog4):

English subtitles here. (credits to bluehopeatm)

I predict this telecinema might reach a very high rating because of Jae Joong itself. haha! Telecinema might air in SBS this October. Other telecinema projcets are, A Dream Comes True, Triangle Love, After Wedding Banquet, The Fool That I Love, Paradise & 19 Nineteen.

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