Movie Watch (Part 3)


Decided to do this (Gosa) first before doing the other (Tale of Two Sisters). Since I liked this movie. and the other was.. (later). Better do the good first before the bad. Okay, one of the successful movies of 2008. Great horror/thriller drama! Kim Bum & Nam Gyu Ri, both were young yet I was surprised to see them with such roles! Horror Movie is for Movie Watch Part 3, Gosa/Deatbell~

Had this file already for months in my external harddisk. Been hesitating to watch it since heard it was very scary and once it made money in the Box Office, meaning it is scary. So, I had to wait for the perfect time to watch it with Brothers and Sis. Since I don’t want to scare myself by watching it. And besides, Horror movies shall be watched with someone. Then, finally we had nothing to do since we had no internet when we moved and it was darn boring, so I had to offer Gosa as something to watch about. And yeah! We enjoyed it! We were creeped out, yet we enjoyed. Then, we started to download more Horror Korean movies that made money in the box office and read through every forum what are the great korean horror movies. That’s why my hyung had to download Tale of Two Sisters.. regretted it. It had a slight resemblance in my real life! LOL! Not the scary parts.. Don’t want to get into much detail. okay, here is Gosa. 🙂



The setting of the story is at a School Dormitory. Nam Gyu Ri is a very smart yet, kinda wild student. She’s on of the Top 10 honor list. While, Kim Bum is a VJ of a club and a foolish boy who studied in America and came back in Korean to study again. He always makes pranks. He had to play in the public announcement his composed Song for the school. (A sorta National Anthem of the school yet he used ugly words.) Making him like a school joker. Lee Beom Soo is a professor (I think English teacher? ) of the school where Nam Gyu Ri and Kim Bum is studying. Same goes to Yoon Jung Hee (Math?)

We expected that the drama would be done by ghosts or souls. Guess it was a mixed variety of Ghost and People. If anyone of you have watched the American Movie, Untraceable, it was the story of showing that a person would die while being shown around the internet, and the many that watches, the faster he/she dies. In this movie, it was similar, but one by one students disappear according to their Honor List on what ranking they are. and also, students had to solve a quiz. But here, ones you solve a quiz, they’ll return the body dead. So it has no choice at all.

Before we get into much detail, it all started because of a program that the school will be hosting, that’s why the smart students were needed to do some extra school work for that program. Since Lee Beom Soo was assigned to translate the ones his boss gave him from English to Korean, he asked Kim Bum instead to do it. That’s why Kim Bum had to be on the school while the planned killing was done.


The story began after the first two honor students was lost. Then suddenly, they see their Top 1 on the TV where it was broadcasted in the whole school. (NOTE that the whole student body wasn’t there, only the Honor lists. Maybe 30-40? Estimated) They had to solve the quiz for them to get the girl. Because they were all panicking they had no chance of getting the girl. She died like a fish in an aquarium like. They were given simple rules not to go out of the school.. But of course, no one would follow, one teacher went out and was shot, he just came back in school pointing someone with a bullet at his back.

Reviewing this movie, I can say that it had some surprising scenes that most horror movies failed to show. And it was kinda weird to imagine that the ghost and the parent’s ghost were doing stupid things together. The ghost was sort of haunting them, while the parents were crazy to kill every innocent students.

We also have that huge twist thing, where you think that guy is innocent or has nothing to do, but at the end we’ll discover that it was all his doings.

The movie gave me a great shock that it was really scary since it’s 2008 and most horror movies back then failed to show surprising events. Guess not. Rating this movie, I can say it’s a 4.5. The movie can never be compared to all time Thai movie, Shutter or The Grudge. Since it was mainly people who did this. Not like those movies where it’s spirit. Creepy.

Watch this movie as my recommendation, with someone, your boyfriend/girlfriend, family or watch it when your friends come over. At night!

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by sarah on October 27, 2009 at 4:11 pm

    youre so cute kim bum………


  2. Posted by leveiel on October 17, 2009 at 2:33 pm

    scary!but still i’m hoping to watch it with my whole family!


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