Sons of Sol Pharamacy House


Yeah, I’m one of the people that are digging this drama! Especially now that it’s summer, KBS WORLD just aired the drama in a right time! It’s cast was one attractive cast that I must admit. And I also had some mixed up brain thinking of a wrong synopsis for the drama! haha!

About “Sons of Sol Pharmacy House”:


It’s funny, funny, funny and funny! Yeah, brotherly love had been very funny ever since. We have 4 single brothers that needs to get married soon because of their mother. If your thinking it’s a disease. Nope. It’s because their mother feels like all 4 are a big pain already and she is already aging. (Not a single mother, lives with her husband and grandfather.) Now, 4 girls would now be part of the story. Once all 4 men would meet these 4 women, hatred or maybe a mixed comedy with first struck them.. Suddenly they don’t know that they are all meant for each other.



JinPung Son Hyun Joo is Jinpung – The eldest and works at their Pharmacy House as a Pharmacist. He is a very quiet person. The most needed to get married since her mother always arranges him in Blind Dates that are not really meant for him but for his 2nd son, Daepung.

SujinPark Sun Young is Sujin – A tough girl. She is a lawyer and has a very strong personality. She first meets Daepung then she suddenly meets Jinpung because of a awkward event. And Jinpung doesn’t know that Sujin is the sister of the person that his childhood friend married.

DaepungLee Pil Mo is Daepung – The 2nd son. A playboy, likes to play with girls. Everytime one of the girls he dates would ask about their marriage, he immediately ends their relationship. And tells them that he isn’t serious or won’t get married with them. She has a very wacky assistant that she likes to play pranks on her.

BoksulYoo Sun is Boksul – The wacky assistant of Daepung. She worked in Daepung’s clinic ever since her mother died. Ever since she became close to the family of Daepung and had been close with Daepung too. She is sometimes like a puppet or a toy of Daepung. Obeying everything Daepung asks.

SunpungHan Sang Jin is Sunpung – The KBC reporter. He is a person very concernced with animals. Everytime he reports or covers a story about an animal being abused, he is there to save the animals and brings it at home and makes it as a pet. Giving her mother lots of headache.

Eun JiYoo Ha Na is Eun Ji – She is an actress. She is treated as a daughter of the boss of Sunpung in KBC. She is a bubbly girl. She is very lively in her acting. She will soon know that her mother is still alive, even if she was with her parents when they died.

MipungJi Chang Wook is Mipung – A student and the youngest of all 4 brothers. He is more engaged in girly activites. After schools he always joins the knitting activites by ahjummas. But he isn’t a very smart student. He will take care of a baby.

Other characters:




As I have mentioned above, it brings tremendous Family Love. All 4 brothers are the ones who brings comedy and life to the story. And they have managed to insert a romantic feel on it. I am also one of the big fans of Park Sun Young. I have watched her in Oh Pil Seung! and she amaze me with her acting. Her mixed vibe with Son Hyun Joo is very great, since they are complete opposites in the story.

As for Yoo Ha Na, I’ve read that she is a newbie. Good first drama, if I must say. Her acting is kinda too much when there are scenes being showned her “acting” in the story. But her moments with Han Sang Jin are the best. They have great scenes. Their moments are like “lovers scenes” but the two are like clueless.

And my most favorite of all, Daepung and Boksul’s scenes! The two are hilarious, Daepung is like a King who has a slave with him all the time. Yoo Sun acts Boksul in a great manner. A sort of clueless girl who follows around Daepung. She has a very cute pout like face.

The drama airs in KBS2 every Saturday & Sunday 7:55pm.

4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by cute girl on June 18, 2009 at 5:01 pm

    What to say about this drama, it’s the only drama that brings the laughter each weekend.. specially now with the new war between DP & his cousin..
    to be honest I didn’t like Yoo Sun ( Book Sil) on her previous drama Terrior, but she’s making the difference on this drama with the slight comedy-romance with DP.. such a great drama you can’t miss it..


  2. Roger Werner,
    Agree. Yoo Sun is great! Her cameo in General Hospital 2 was also the best!

    Hey, ripgal!
    Really? Well, her acting here is the bomb! She’s very great! But as I had said kinda overacting. Being childish and all.
    Sometimes, Daepung is kinda overacting. Especially he’s last character in You Are My Destiny. He’s character there was totally the opposite. A caring and nice guy.
    Maybe i’ve misread. Is it Yoo Hana or Suhee?


  3. Posted by ripgal on June 15, 2009 at 4:27 pm

    I love Jin Poong and Soo Jin too, tho sometimes she kinda grates on my nerves with her feisty attitude.

    Btw, Yoo Hana isn’t a newbie. She has actually acted in several dramas before in the past. She never got her big break until she starred in this popular Taiwanese drama called My Lucky Star 2 years ago. In comparison to her OTT acting here in Sol Pharmacy, she was brilliant in My Lucky Star (where she played a congirl), nailing comedy and drama with the right touches.

    I don’t mind her acting in Sol Pharmacy, as the other ppl tend to overreact too. Esp Dae Poong… not very fond of how he screams and screeches…aiks..


  4. Posted by Roger Werner on June 14, 2009 at 11:42 pm

    It’s Good to see Yoo Sun in a comedy I enjoyed her as Park in”Sweet Spy” . Avery beautiful actress, I love her eyes!


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