Official Posters finally released!!


Ahh~ Posters! How exciting to see new posters! Meaning, new dramas ahead! Wohoo!  That is one of the two posters that SBS had released for their upcoming drama, Swallow The Sun. Featuring, Shiny Ji Sung and White Yuri! And one poster from Partner was also released awhile back. These 2 dramas would be competing in the ratings soon. Both are scheduled to air on Wednesday-Thursday timeslot.

Swallow The Sun (cast poster):


It’s very similar with East of Eden’s poster. The cast are back to back with the name of the drama under. I’m hoping it wouldn’t turn out to be like it.

Partner (cast poster):


An amazing cast if I must say. And my favorite comedy actor is part of it, too! Cabaret! haha!

Trailer (partner):

Trailer 1 Trailer 2 (Thanks to ripgal @ soompi thread for posting them)

Thanks to cjoey @ soompi thread for posting the Swallow The Sun posters.

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