Ratings analysis

(That awesome poster of BL still amazes me! From dramabeans)

The currently one of the 2 dramas that had been receiving the so much love from Korean viewers today, Brilliant Legacy. Since it’s the first/number one drama today that had recorded a 34.4% ratings last sunday. And followed by Queen Seon Duk which garnered a 32% last tuesday. Both dramas are from different networks and different timeslots. But we have three more dramas that will soon enter the ratings game and 2 dramas that entered that was badly injured from the ratings.

Wednesday-Thursday dramas:


I am in happiness or heaven whenever I start to ramble about TV Ratings. Analyzing ratings, Swallow The Sun will be competing with Upcoming, Partner and Triple. Triple had already started last week, but unluckily, it’s first 2 episodes were still not able to recover, since last night’s episode recorded a 6.9% rating which fell. And Accidental Couple recording a surprising 15.6% love from Korean Viewers on it’s 15th Episode. Surprising to see that That Fool managed to rise and record such high rating, but it’s too late for now since it’s finale today. With City Hall recording a 17.8% and managed to stay on top of it’s timeslot ever since it aired. Guess that one is advantage for upcoming, Swallow The Sun since City Hall had garnered much viewers of SBS already. But with the ratings of Wednesday-Thursday dramas, it’s somehow quite rare for those dramas to atleast reach a 30% nowadays. So, i’ll put my expectations lower and expect a 20% break first for Swallow The Sun, since I’m not expecting for viewers to have fun with upcoming Partner.


Although it may bring a slight chance of having an advantage with Swallow the Sun since it would start earlier, and Accidental Couple had been attracting viewers already. But Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hyun Joo may not manage to attaract the viewers but we’ll never know since it’s genre might save them. City Hall is currently a political drama mixed with comedy, Partner is a lawyer drama promoting comedy also. Which from words can be pretty boring. But I can at least expect a 18% rating from Partner? But i’ll have my hands on Swallow The Sun to take the lead. and Triple might have a small chance of recovering though..

Saturday-Sunday dramas:


Alas! I say for this timeslot that MBC can’t work their magic of promotion. Since both of their weekend dramas on different time are recording a single digit or to be found on the underground. Job Well Done had recorded a 10.7% rating against it’s main competetitor Sons of Sol Pharmacy House which had a strong 2nd place ratings ever since Brilliant Legacy entered and recorded last Sunday’s episode with 28.4% and currently showing great scenes. But I have to take side with Job Well Done since the drama is very awesome! It’s casting & plot is oh so wonderful. A underrated drama indeed!


Yeah! Her competitors were able to avoid that arrow. Since Empress Cheon Chu which is against SBS Brilliant Legacy had garnered a 13.4% on it’s 48th Episode last Sunday. And continues to show a fall from it’s first 20 Episodes. While Brilliant Legacy is still first and garnered 30.4% on it’s Saturday episode and 34.4% on it’s Sunday Episode. Yet, I don’t need to explain why the drama is so popular. Since it brings back the fandom on TV. And also, this timeslot is where the number one in all dramas, is available.


Aha! Nope It ain’t a home run for this drama. MBC Strike Love which is airing alone and has no competitor at all but airs a very late time, has been a big dissapointment. Recording a 9.3% on it’s Sunday Episode and was also reduced to 16 from 20 episodes so that they could rush and to air upcoming drama, Friend, Our Legend which had completed it’s filming and still waiting for the results. And SBS Can Anyone Love which is probably an unknown drama?! But has a 16.6% rating on it’s Sunday Episode, which has no major competetion also.

Monday-Tuesday dramas:

Seon Duk

Aha! The Queen has spoken! MBC’s 48th Anniversary project, Queen Seon Duk is the current 2nd place holder and might possibly be the first place in all TV dramas being aired in Korea today. Since both Sunday and Saturday aired a 30% break on the ratings, 30.0% for Monday & 32.0 for Tuesday. and is very far from it’s competitors which is a big big dissapontment. The Princess and the Man were not able to bring downthe mighty power of Mishil! Since, SBS Ja Myung Go had a 8.1% rating last Monday and 8.7% last Tuesday. While newbie drama, He Who Can’t Marry suddenly broke my heart when it recorded 8.4% on it’s Monday episode and 7.7% on it’s tuesday episode. A very depressing start. I guess the curse of Monday-tuesday dramas for KBS had struck again!


The 2 new dramas had both had an unexpected flaw from their first 2 episodes. And feel really bad since both dramas had been so great. And it’s both funny and exciting. The weirdness of Triple and the comedy of the story of He Who Can’t Marry itself makes me sad about it’s ratings.

But for the 2 behemoth, I have to say that it’s totally acceptable and Brilliant Legacy had been showing their great stuffs as Hwan and Eun Sung starts showing emotions for each other. While Queen Seon Duk, the main leads like, Lee Yo Won, Uhm Tae Woong, Park Ye Jin & Kim Nam Gil is still scheduled for appearance on the upcoming weeks but without their presence yet, they’re already flying high. I guess we’ll see ‘Sibling Wars’ soon. As realtime brother-sister Uhm Jung Hwa and Uhm Tae Woong battle for ratings.

Let’s hope for some love would be given with Friend, Our Legend, Partner and Swallow The Sun this summer.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by arivle on June 22, 2009 at 12:47 am

    All I got to say is that Brilliant Legacy is excellent and I’m gland is getting great ratings, the story is old but the way the writers and directors are producing this story is awsome….after BBF finished I didn’t know what to watch next but Brilliant Legacy had me hook since its firts episode and its gets better and better as the drama continues….LOVE IT


  2. I’m very pleased with the ratings of Brilliant Legacy 🙂


  3. Hey Sayroo,

    I have to say I’m really surprised at how high the ratings for Brilliant Legacy is, in a good way tho. When I first heard and read of the drama, a few weeks before it aired, the story felt so…old school, that I was sure it would just record a mediocre rating, somewhere in 15% ish, if lucky it could probably break 20%. Imagine my surprise when the first episode only, already recorded around 16% and continued to climb. Wow.

    I think Triple will steadily increase. The increase between the 1st and 2nd episode was about 3%; ep 3 also increased to 7%ish, a good thing. We still have a long way to go, so I have faith that it can be double digit soon. I like that drama so far and I do hope it will be fairly high up in terms of ratings.

    As for Partner, now that you compare it to City Hall, it DOES sound a bit similar. As much as I anticipate Partner (come on, LDW! KHJ! CCH!), I don’t think it will soar, in terms of ratings. It’ll prolly be somewhere in the lower 10s. I hope I will be proven wrong come the premiere!


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