From Gee to Genie


(Click on the image for a HQ pic from allkpop!)

After SNSD’s teaser photo release, that made the whole k-entertainment a whoo~ SNSD, continued to tease their (me) fans by releasing another image of the girls together, an indivudal image, the song title and the official MV Teaser. Those were released one by one! The title of the new song will be “Genie – Tell Me Your Wish” I can hear the “Tell me your wish” already in the MV! It’s catchy! And again, another SNSD original! The girls continue to show a lovely and calm image. They better not ruin theirselves by releasing crap songs that are available now from Girl Groups nowadays!

Individual image (Yoona):


Individual image (Tiffany):


Individual image (Yuri):


Individual image (Taeyeon):


Individual image (Sunny):


Individual image (Sooyoung):


Individual image (Seo Hyun):


Individual image (Jessica):


Individual image (Hyo Yeon):

Official MV Teaser:

SNSD’s comeback mini album track list
1.소원을 말해봐(Genie)
5. 동화(Fairy Tale)
6. 1년 後(One Year Later)

If your still alive, call 911 for me! Am suffocating from fandom! But! Would like to thank these sites and people for all of those pics and video:

Credits: allkpop (individual images, Teaser MV, track list and HQ Teaser photo), Cecil@soshified (for teaser photo), Newsen & Dongie@soshified

Special message, since I’m part of the soshified forums (member) just received a mass pm from Soy, pre-order for the 2nd Mini Album – Genie is out!


Clicking on that to help support both Soshified and SNSD! The Power of 9! Wohooo!!

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  1. Ah I love Jessica 🙂


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