That Fool Episodes 8 & 9


I promised myself that I won’t let my addiction for this episode show. But it was too powerful and I had to share it and recap it and give out some thoughts, since Han Ji Soo is starting to give me the “Wohoo!” on her character! πŸ™‚ Less captures for my recaps as, I take too much time capping than writing. ^^

Episode 8:


Sang Chul had discovered the truth about Dong baek-Ji soo-Kang Mo ‘s plan. Because of reporter baek. He had suddenly noticed that Dong-baek is pretty much interested with Ji-Soo or practically, in love with her already. Then, Sang-Chul had to continue with his plan to make the marriage a real thing between her nuna and dong baek. And destroying Kang Mo and his father by this way. Sang-Chul had to plan things out, his first plan was to stay at home with Ji-Soo and Dong-Baek, now the two are stuck since they have to stay in one room to convince that they are a real couple, since both was still not aware on what Sang Chul’s plan is.


Now, Ji-Soo and Dong-Baek had no choice but to stay together in Ji-Soo’s room. Dong-baek is amazed as he is inside a celebrity’s room. But suddenly, Ji-Soo showed Dong-Baek the gifts she received from fans. Dong Baek suddenly noticed that Ji-Soo received a baduk board. Which they had to open and play with it. they started to play “5 in a row.” Ji-Soo was a competitive one, Dong-baek winned 5 in a row. Leaving Ji-Soo with no score, Ji-Soo had to quite the game and told Dong-Baek to play something else. Ji-Soo suggested, “Break the egg.” instead. Suprisingly, Ji-Soo was good at it, but dong-Baek wasn’t. The laughter started to burst out of the room, but the fun had to stop until manager entered and told them that Sang Chul is asleep.

Ji-Soo called Kang-mo, she asked what Kang-mo would do the next day, he said that he would go to Jeju alone. Ji-soo wanted to surprise Kang-mo since she had a filming in the airport, but she suddenly saw Kang-mo with his fiance, his father and father-in-law. Bringing Ji-Soo into the bad mood. She had to cancel her filming. Now, Sang-chul told Ji-soo that dong-baek was working at night shift that night, but Ji-soo ignored it and her manager asked her what’s wrong., but no response at all. Then, we saw Ji-soo buying tons of food into the store. Literally many!
Ji-soo visited Dong-baek and gave him lots of food, which gave dong-baek the feeling already that she’s having troubles. He decided to bring Ji-soo into the “stamping” of letters. which is like a game. Ji-Soo had to stamp atleast 10 letters in 10 seconds, until it grew and grew. Giving Ji-soo a piece of her mind. Then, she opened up with Dong-baek about what happened. Dong-baek was treating Ji-soo like a kid. But Ji-soo appreciated it, then she suddenly told Dong-baek that she was thankful that Dong-baek was the guy she met in the accident. Giving Dong-Baek a sweet hug in the back.

-End Episode-

Episode 9:


Ji-soo and Dong-baek doing office work together, then Ji-soo suddenly saw the autographs, she gave dong-baek before into Team Manager’s desk. Ji-soo being kind and all, took pictures one-by-one on every employees chair with her picture and gave messages. πŸ™‚ (Sweet, Ji-soo) now, the two are out and suddenly saw people dating, dong-baek had to reveal that he hasn’t been on a date ever. even once. Ji-soo pitied Dong-baek and decided to go in a date. Normal style. They’re in the market being rallied on by the people. with no privacy at all, yet the two are cute with each other. Until the two started to chat on the way home in the bus talking about different related things to them.


Now, Dong-Baek’s officemates were wondering about his House Warming, Dong-Baek didn’t want to host such thing again, because of issues. Until he had no choice but to host it but Ji-Soo was away so, Ji-Soo wasn’t aware of the housewarming plans. Manager and Dong-Baek planned everything out. But Sang Chul came in the housewarming event and called Ji-Soo that a housewarming is being occured.. Making Ji-Soo cancel her plans with Kang Mo and go directly to the housewarming. Again, the officemates of Dong-baek were surprised and started to play games. Dong-baek and Ji-soo was the worst players of the “couple games” they planned. Which led a big question to them that the couple never wants to kiss.


Now, to prove that everything was fine, Ji-Soo had to surprise the office and visit Dong-baek by bringing him a packed lunch. Then she suddenly gave our Dong-baek a little piece of kiss. Everyone was totally surprised and totally gave Kyung Ae that what she heard was all wrong. (Kyung Ae was left home and discovered that Ji-soo and Dong-baek was sleeping in different rooms. She started the suspicions about Dong-baek and Ji-soo.)


Kang-mo the dork, was talking with Ji-soo’s manager, asking where is Ji-soo and he found out that Dong-baek and Ji-soo was alone in the house. Kang-mo is now afraid of what happen because of the incident last Episode 8. Kang-mo suddenly went to visit Ji-soo’s house, then infront of Dong-baek he told him, “I am Ji-Soo’s lover.” Which gave dong-baek a big shock!

-End Episode-



From the very start we had seen Han-Ji Soo as the villain in here, both her and Kang-Mo were like partners in crime, until a time came wherein her coconut was knocked and started to lighten up. That was seriously when the fun began. Hwang Jung Min can’t just bring the whole drama with the first 4 episodes, It was a good thing that the writers decided to give life to Kim Ah Joong as her character would turn to waste if they would have continued to bring the dead Ji-soo until 10 episodes. It would ruin the drama. Luckily, Ji-soo and Dong-baek, together they bring the laughter.

Am still amazed with Hwang Jung Min though. He is seriously good. How can he act all like these? Being stupid-like. Unaware of stuffs happening in this world. Being a total loner and all. Aah! Such acting was brought to life again by the worth-daesang, Hwang Jung Min. We shall soon see him on-stage in the upcoming KBS DRAMA AWARDS. i am crossing my fingers, very much.

Praises shall be given for Kim Ah Joong, she gave us two sides of her acting. A meany and bubbly. She flipped her character suddenly. And leveled it up with Dong-baek She didn’t have much to be proud of with this character. Which I had liked best.

Now, the most irritating character so far, Min-Ji! Dong-baek’s sister is seriously pissing me off! Her character is overacting, un-caring (little) for her brother. And also, a complete weirdo. I hope they change this girl also! haha!

The drama has ended, yes, I haven’t watched the ending since I didn’t want to completely spoil myself. As I am still on the tenth episode. I am enjoying the drama and I don’t want to part ways with it yet, I don’t want to speed everything up nor feel pressured since everyone may have finished this already. I’ll watch the drama slowly in a manner to forget problems and bad dramas. πŸ™‚

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  1. Posted by anne on June 24, 2009 at 10:03 am

    Ah, I completely forgot about the KBS Drama Award. Hopefully he’ll show up & get what’s rightfully his .. He! He!


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