Brilliant Legacy Episode 16


(Aaah, Yeah! I want that to happen soon. Guess soon can be the 20’s?)

I’m sure some of you here are kinda thankful for my low quality early captures. Since yeah, it’s currently number one in my most read. The three posts are my top three. Yet, I’m amaze with the magic of the drama. I decided to stop watching it live in TVAnts as it ruins the mood of the drama when watching it for the 2nd time. Watching it in low quality, then downloading it for it to be watched clearly and sometimes I have to edit it. So, watching it at least 3-4 times isn’t very fun. So, decided to quit doing early captures. Instead, i’ll rant about it. I won’t do it in a daily basis or recapping every episode as it’s excitement can’t be brought through reading, it’s through watching. Let’s take it lightly. As I get prepared for the other drama I’m planning to recap. πŸ™‚ For now, enjoy the light story of Brilliant Legacy Episode 16. πŸ™‚

Episode 16:


The episode started when Jun-se opened up to Eun-sung and told her that he wants to be Eun-sung’s man not his ‘oppa/brother like’ anymore. Which had gave our Eun-sung a big shock, as she was very clueless (yet it was obvious that the whole world probably would have known, but our little cinderella is miss clueless indeed) and also surprised. Yet she was smart and decided to turn down Jun-se as she isn’t ready yet since his brother is missing yet she has the courage to get in a relationship and have fun while her brother is nowhere to be found. (Why don’t we ask Hwan where he is? hmm?) Back at house, it’s a major chaos as Jung’s dream had started to shatter and she (and her mom) blames everything to Eun-sung. Grandmother was surprised also on what happened as she was expecting Jun-Se to marry Jung. She started to give the cold shoulder treatment with Eun-sung. Which Eun-sung had been feeling uncomfortable already and doesn’t feel that she isn’t welcome in that house anymore.


Now, forgetting everything first on what happened in the house, we’re now in the restaurant. Jin Sung Food’s 2nd branch is celebrating their 30th Anniversary. Now, everyone was required to give greeting messages to each staff. Revealing your identity is optional also. It can either be comment or criticism. Now, Hwan is having problems on how to write his greetings, instead, he gave short messages to each members. Until, Eun-sung’s letter, he had to think very hard on what to write for Eun-sung.


We now see our two leads together as they post fliers and promote their 30th Anniversary event, Hwan saw Eun-sung talking to a guy comfortably, he suddenly said that Eun-sung is always in paradise whenever she sees a guy, he thinks that Eun-sung has more than two guy. Which gave Eun-sung a clueless look, hwan had to bring up the issue about him and Jun-se, Eun-Sung clarified that it’s the 20th century already and there’s nothing wrong with a girl visiting in a guy’s house. Then Eun-sung said that there is nothing yet going one between them. Which made her empahsize “yet.” Then, hwan had to compare Eun-sung with “Candy” that her brother is already missing, her father is dead, yet she’s laughing. Now, Eun-sung was sort of hurt and became sentimental.. She said that a person like her who doesn’t have any relative left, does that mean that they don’t have any right to laugh anymore. But if she would just cry infront of everyone, she would just be pitied on. (Eun-sung really is a girl that doesn’t want people to pity her.)


Back at the house, Jun-se decided to visit Jung. Jung still has expectations that Jun-se would like her. Jun-se cleared everything up and told Jung that there is nothing between him and Eun-sung and it’s only one-sided. Which still didn’t gave Jung at peace. Then Jun-se told Jung that he thinks of Jung as her younger sister and that could never change even if He didn’t meet Eun-sung. Jung suddenly asked why he liked Eun-sung very much, Jun-se had to answer that Eun-sung’s way of thinking was different, her heart also was different.


Back to Eun Sung and the restaurant. Everyone had received their “letters” from other staffs. Hwan read his letters, all were about his attitude and his personality, except from one letter wherein it was written that he’s personality may be bad, but he’s not a bad person after all. Which made him think who the person is, but the letter had different designs and some words were underlined. Back at home, Hwan remembered that he had a notebook of Eun Sung’s writing. He looked at it and discovered the writing and underlines were similar. (ooh! Is tht sweet or what? What! LOL!)


Now, Eun-sung and Hwan again with their promotions, this time, Hwan will be the one to talk to the elderly people. Hwan was all bubbly and all with the elderlies.. Hwan finally told eun-sung that he’s fine with the agreement to forget everything about the inheritance when their at work. To be professionals. Which gave Eun-sung a shock!


Now, Grandmother and Eun sung are now talking, Eun-sung wanted to leave the house already, but Grandmother didn’t allow her and had to straight things out that there are more challenges to come because of her accepting the inheritance. Eun-sung couldn’t resist at all and had to stay in the house. Grandmother talked to Jung and Jung’s mother also that she won’t kick Eun-sung off her house. Because it wasn’t Eun-sung’s fault that Jun-se liked her, and no one can control emotions. She also cited the example of the two leaving her because of the money problems. Which made jung and her mother again at peace. (haha! Grandmother is one strong fella!)


It’s now the event of the 2nd branch, and the leads gathered in one restaurant including Seung-Mi, Jun-se & Hye-Ri to give some help during the event itself. Eun-sung was asked by Jun-se to rest on top because she had been working ever since in the morning, Eun-sung stayed on the rooftop and rest. Hwan saw Eun-sung lying down in the bench having a hard time as her legs are falling because of how small the bench is, and the sun was right on Eun-sung, Hwan placed another bench and placed Eun-sung’s feet on the other bench, then he placed a plant overhead Eun-Sung, Jun-se suddenly saw everything and was surprised to see Hwan being very caring for Eun-sung.. Eun-sung woke up and gave the announcement that the turnover was 4 times than their regular turnover. But everything will be donated to elderleies that are homeless. Because of the success everyone decided to eat and go to a karaoke.


Jun-se and Hwan started to talk and now, the both are already starting to piss each other. Then Jun-se started to say that hwan is using her sister as an excuse on why he’s angry with Jun-se, the truth was with Eun-sung. Hwan shouted that he’s right, It was all because of Eun-sung! But Seung-mi is listening all along, and Seung-mi was surprised.

-End Episode-


Aigoo~ Is Brilliant Legacy always this good? I know I started the drama because of Han Hyo Joo and it was a shock for me also to see Lee Seung Gi act again. But now that we progress, I’ m now watching the drama because of the characters, not because of the ratings since sometimes ratings are wrong, it doesn’t judge the drama. It’s you who should say if it’s good or not. πŸ™‚ The characters are perfect we see Seung-mi slowly becoming her mother. Being a witch and slowly brings lies to everyone. Eun-sung having a bubbly personality and has difficulties yet she overcomes. Jun-se who is helpful and inlove with Eun-sung. Now, Hwan. I was surprised with this guys, seriously, am now very amazed how great all 4 characters are since Hwan is now becoming a thoughtful person, not a jerk anymore.

Since we’re on Episode 18 in korea now, I read one major spoiler in the soompi thread that the love lines of Hwan and Eun-sung will start on Episode 21, as they will have their first kiss in the ship. (MAJORELY SPOILED!!)

Now, shall you continue watching this or not? Well, yeah. You should finish this drama! Enjoy more episodes of Brilliant Legacy.

Also, if you want to read great recaps for the drama, try visiting our dear thundie’s site. She is now in Episode 14, yet her recaps are soo fun to read! More Brilliant Legacy goodies in that site! πŸ™‚ Help spread the fandom! keke.

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  1. Tell me about it. I went into watching this drama mainly for Lee Seunggi, but when I saw it was Han Hyojoo as the leading lady, I was happy. But that was mostly it. I never thought I would like it this much.


  2. Haha man I was so mad when I saw that kiss spoiler in the thread, I hate being spoiled, but I can totally see Soompi’s spoiler text easily as I scroll in the thread.


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