Ratings Analysis [09.06.22-09.06.28]

(Sons of Sol Pharmacy House)

Ah, yeah! Sol Pharmacy House is one of the dramas that recorded something good today, it’s co-weekend drama, Brilliant Legacy also same goes to Wednesday-Thursday drama, City Hall. All dramas broke somthing for a change. After my previous post for Ratings Analysis last week, here I am again rambling about the ratings for Monday (June 22) until yesterday, Sunday (June 28).

Wednesday-Thursday dramas:

(Big thanks to alodia in soompi thread for that poster)

As from what I thought that all wednesday-thursday dramas today wouldn’t break at least a 20% break, luckily, City Hall came and it’s Thursday Episode (Episode 18/2009-06-25) broke the 20% rating, having a flat, 20.0% placing in 2nd. As for Triple, which had improving ratings, recorded both Wednesday & Thursday Episodes a 9.9% rating, which was better than it’s last previous wherein it just reached 8.0%, 7.4%. As for the newcomer drama, Partner, which came last in all 3 dramas for this timeslot, recorded it’s first 2 episodes a, 7.2% and 7.3% which didn’t appeal much to people, but  a fine start. Am really surprised with what Triple is having now, since it’s very low but the drama is very very good. That’s why it’s practically normal for it’s ratings to improve, since the drama is very light and not much has to be understood. As for both City Hall and Partner, I have yet to watch it before commenting on it, but City Hall I have heard had been very very entertaining, especially it’s genre. Let’s see if Triple would be able to break a 10% today, and if City Hall could maintain their 20% ratings on it’s last week.

Monday-Tuesday dramas:

We’ll do a switch today by placing Monday-Tuesday first before the Weekend dramas as for this timeslot, not much happened. Yet an improvement happened. Still on first place for this timeslot, Queen Seon Duk recorded a 30% flat for it’s Monday airing and a 29.4% for it’s Tuesday airing, Episodes 9 & 10, leads, Lee Yo Won and Uhm Tae Woong finally appeared. Which practically didn’t give much attraction as it’s Tuesday airing fell .6%, but we can’t judge thatit would continue to fall later and the next weeks. As for 2nd placer, He Who Can’t Marry, which also improved had recorded a 8.2% and 8.9% on it’s last airing, which was a little better than it’s premiere airing. And for last placer, Ja Myung Go which recorded 7.7% on it’s Tuesday airing, and reduced it’s episodes to 39 already because of their fall. Well, I think He Who Can’t Marry would improve by today, maybe it would reach 10% on today’s airing.

Weekend dramas 1st batch:

Aigoo, I just watched it’s 19th and 20th episode last night, and here I am looking at it’s ratings and it’s a complete breakdown. Sons of Sol Pharmacy House finally managed to reach to break the 30% rating, as it’s yesterday’s Episode recorded a 31.9% which placed 2nd for the top 20 ratings but it’s 1st for this timeslot. As for the pretty and family love drama, Job Well Done reached 9.7% for it’s Sunday Episode. It’s very sad as the drama is very very interesting and the mucho Family Love!

Weekend drama 2nd batch:

Yeah! A big YES for the people that are anticipating this drama, including me. As it finally broke the 40% rating, and the first drama to reach again, (excluding daily dramas!) a 40% rating. And competitor, Empress Cheon Chu, 14.5%. Fans had been dancing all around as Brilliant Legacy finally reached 40% as the staff had predicted that they’ll reach 40% on it’s 21st episode as Hwan and Eun-Sung’s revelation for their feelings for each other. But it was too early, as yesterday, 20th Episode, had reached 40.6% because of it’s beautiful scenes, including the part where Hwan nor Grandmother fully believed Eun-sung’s stepmother and and had a little more trust left for Eun-Sung. And the scene wherein Hwan gave Eun-sung a necklace with a letter, and Eun-sung’s scene wherein she turns down on Hwan, and the final scene wherein Hwan barged into Eun-sung’s house, drunk, and fell on Eun-sung. Aaah! A very amazing drama indeed, huh?

Weekend drama 3rd batch:

The new drama, “Friend, Our Legend” premiered for this week. And had a Okay ratings for it’s first 2 episodes, as it recorded a 8.6% and 9.2%, which is an okay for a premiere. And for SBS drama, Can Anyone Love with 18.7% on it’s yesterday’s episode. I always watch the last 10 minutes or so of Can Anyone Love since it airs before Brilliant Legacy, kinda boring, but a romance mixed family mixed comedy mixed boring drama, If I must say. Not much the talk of the town.


Having 2 dramas to start for this week, the 2 dramas managed to record a single-digit rating which is a dissapointment. With that being said, we depend on high ratings dramas for us to fill our curiousity why it’s popular, but never forget that ratings really doesn’t tell much. With lots of dramas, people sometimes depend on Re-run’s instead of watching it in it’s main timeslot. We have tons to see in the ratings as a new drama is coming next week and it’s, Swallow the Sun as it will take over leading City Hall. and with 8 Episodes left for reigning, Brilliant Legacy, it still can manage to break at least a 45%-47%. But it’s successor, Style wouldn’t probably be much to watch.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Hey, guys! 🙂 Thanks for visiting ne mini site. ^^
    About Triple, yeah, I’m pretty much hoping that it would do well, they must know how Tae Hyun, Haru & Pyung-Hoon act, right? haha!
    When City Hall would evacuates, maybe we’ll be able to get a… 5%-8% rise for Triple, as we still can’t say that Swallow The Sun wouldn’t do well, it isn’t much attractive with it’s plot and scenes, but it was similar with City Hall, a drama wherein we would feel that Kim Sun Ah would do her last acting in WIAT, but City Hall is a hit now.
    And considering the previous dramas that aired in SBS Wednesday-Thursday, they all have the advantage and leading, not much I can say for MBC and KBS2.
    Let’s hope that Triple would gain 2nd or 1st but with a .6% difference with Swallow the Sun.


  2. Posted by ditdut on June 30, 2009 at 4:37 am

    I have faith that Triple will continue to rise. Especially once City Hall is over. It’s a great drama, with good acting, good writing, and awesome direction.

    Hehe, Brilliant Legacy is a hoot!


  3. Posted by Svenus on June 30, 2009 at 12:42 am

    thx for posting the rating breakdown is interested how all this DRAMA is going down…….I got to say that I agree with u TRIPLE begin kind of slow but each episodes gets better and better and I love the music hopefully it could reach higher ratings.
    Now for the main Drama Brilliant Legacy….wow 40% that is exciting and the drama is excellent….I know the romance development is kind of slow but it worth to watch……..I can’t wait for ep.21 & 22.


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