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Ratings Analysis [09.07.20-09.07.26]

This was not only the drama that had departed from it’s spot. We have 2 dramas from 1 station but with different paths had departed. SBS Ja Myung Go and SBS Brilliant Legacy had finally ended their run after quite few months and one had made history once again.

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Ratings Analysis [09.07.13-09.07.19]

As soon as we say a sad goodbye for Brilliant Legacy, we will soon this drama reign in the ratings. Why? Because it’s currently on the 2nd/3rd place of the whole ratings. While questions for last week are answered with a sweet Yes and some had to answer with a No. Ratings for last week.

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Ratings Analysis [09.07.06-09.07.12]

I say, congratulations for this week. As Swallow the Sun had a impressive or OK first episode rating on it’s Thursday episode. While nothing has changed at all since SBS Brilliant Legacy is still leading and some timeslots were similar to last week also. Nothing much had changed.

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Ratings Analysis [09.06.29-09.07.05]

Probably considered as “The Kiss of the Century.” But we can’t describe it as the kiss that made the drama reach 40%. For this week, we have kisses & a departure from it’s airing, but some didn’t managed to maintain their breaks, as what was described last week. Ratings for last week (June 29, 2009-July 05, 2009).

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