Ratings Analysis [09.06.29-09.07.05]

Probably considered as “The Kiss of the Century.” But we can’t describe it as the kiss that made the drama reach 40%. For this week, we have kisses & a departure from it’s airing, but some didn’t managed to maintain their breaks, as what was described last week. Ratings for last week (June 29, 2009-July 05, 2009).

Wednesday-Thursday timeslot:

Too bad i’m not a fan of the two. I preferred Yoon Kye Sang and Lee Ha Na. Back to ratings, Triple isn’t the reigning drama, since it had a very very tight ratings with Partner, which both received 8.3% (wednesday) and 7.8% (thursday). Which made City Hall first again in it’s timeslot and ended it’s airing at 20.8% which is the peak already. Now, if we would suddenly see a leap for Triple’s ratings, we might as well can see that Swallow The Sun would not have a chance, as Triple is a very very exciting drama, and it’s very refreshing. It was worth the wait.

Monday-Tuesday timeslot:

Ja Myung Go managed to record in last for it’s timeslot, as it only got 8.4% (Monday) & 8.1% (Tuesday). As for He Who Can’t Marry we should give a little applause as it broke 9% this tuesday, recording, 8.4% (Monday) & 9.3% (Tuesday) which is considered “good” for a drama competing with Queen Seon Duk recording both 30%, 30.8% (Monday) & 30.5% (Tuesday). For He Who Can’t Marry, Episode 5 had a kiss scene between HyunKyu (YooAhIn) & Yu Jin (KimSoEun). As for fans of Kim So Eun, some were happy but some were brokenhearted as Kim So Eun’s first on-screen kiss wasn’t with the person they expected, as every So Eun fan (except me!!) wanted her first on-screen kiss with Kim Bum, but writers for Boys Over Flowers didn’t managed to fulfill the wish of the fans.. But seriously, there’s nothing wrong with that! I blame Boys Over Flowers for giving people the ‘too much’ fandom on them, as I feel that teenagers wanted to make the actors of the drama into a real couple. Seriously, it won’t happen. It’s not SongHyeKyo and LeeByungHun in All In. haha.

Weekend dramas 1st batch:

Although, Sons of Sol Pharmacy House is one exciting drama, but I still have to say that Job Well Done is teh drama that I enjoy most. Characters, the long story, & the confusing story. I’m saying all these things as I was from the fandom last night, to watch 21 & 22 last night. Sons of Sol Pharmacy House didn’t maintain it’s 30% break from last week, as this week, it recorded 24.7% (Saturday) & 28.2% (Sunday) and Job Well Done with 8.1% (Saturday) & 10.0% (Sunday). Now, for a person enjoying the drama, I feel really sad that Koreans aren’t enjoying it as much as I do, Chae Rim and Uhm Ki Joon may not have the greatest connection, but at least, they are able to bring a different side of ‘love.’ I recommend, since I’m losing myself and forgetting to watch Sol.

Weekend drama 2nd batch:

Empress Cheon Chu recorded 11.3% (Saturday) & 13.8% (Sunday). As for reigning Brilliant Legacy on it’s kiss episode, 35.7% (Saturday) & 40.1% (Sunday). 35.7% is currently the most highest a Saturday episode of the drama had received, as for the sunday episode, it’s the second highest for the whole drama, and the second time the drama reached 40%. Episode 22 brought so much talks and chit chats, and same with the last scene wherein Grandmother was being rushed to the hospital and her hand was like a sign of losing consciousness. Aaand I will kill the writers if they would kill Grandma, no more family love for Hwan and Halmoni~~ 😦

Weekend drama 3rd/Last batch:

Friend, Our Legend had it’s peak for it’s Saturday ratings and broke 10%, as it’s ratings was 10.5% and 9.5% on Saturday and Sunday episodes. and for Can Anyone Love 16.7% and 17.7%. I haven’t watched Chingu but I’m having a sneak peek of it, looks fineE, hope it won’t disappoint me, but it shows it’s censors. haha.


Complete Summary List of Monday-Sunday dramas (Daily dramas, Variety Shows & News programs are not included) **ALL RATINGS are VIA Seoul and TNS MEDIA RATINGS***:

Brilliant Legacy – 37.9% (Seoul)
Queen Seon Duk – 30.7% (Seoul)
Sons of Sol Pharmacy House – 26.5% (Seoul)
City Hall – 19.8% (Seoul)
Can Anyone Love – 17.2% (Seoul)
Empress Cheon Chu – 12.6% (Seoul)
Friend, Our Legend – 10.2% (Seoul)
Job Well Done – 9.1% (Seoul)
He Who Can’t Marry – 8.9% (Seoul)
Ja Myung Go – 8.3% (Seoul)
Triple & Partner – 8.1% (Seoul)


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