Ratings Analysis [09.07.06-09.07.12]

I say, congratulations for this week. As Swallow the Sun had a impressive or OK first episode rating on it’s Thursday episode. While nothing has changed at all since SBS Brilliant Legacy is still leading and some timeslots were similar to last week also. Nothing much had changed.

Wednesday-Thursday timeslot:

And SBS still managed to be on number one for this timeslot last Thursday. Because of Michael Jackson’s special tribute from MBC, MBC decided to air Triple back-to-back on Thursday night, so we had  9 & 10 together in one night, as for the hype that Swallow the Sun left, a sudden H1N1 virus had hit the production team, causing them a cancellation of the planned Press Conference last Tuesday and decided to air a Special for the Wednesday timeslot instead. Remember that not much Koreans loves to watch Special episodes, so never expect high ratings for Special Episodes. Special episodes are sometimes aired for like excuses because of certain delays of filming. But, some are meant to be aired to show a background of the story. But for Swallow The Sun, their reason is because of the delay of filming or halt of production. Now, for the Wednesday ratings, we’ll expect that KBS2 Partner will be leading and it’s true as it so far recorded it’s highest, 11.8% and for SBS Swallow The Sun Special, 8.6%. For Thursday, SBS Swallow the Sun is in the lead as it had recorded a fresh and great start, 15.5%, Partner with 10.1% and still on the last place, MBC Triple 8.5% on both Episodes. So, we expected Partner to lead Wednesday since it was no choice at all but to watch that one instead, which gave KBS2 a advantage to finally introduce Partner. Maybe we may see Partner reach the 18% if Swallow the Sun wouldn’t attract much people on it’s first episode, we still have to see the upcoming episodes if it will be a hit or not. While Triple is somehow losing and I don’t know why, I guess the too much star power for the drama was too attractive to be ignored. Question for next week, Will Swallow the Sun continue to reign? Will Partner finally be able to reach a very high rating?

Monday-Tuesday timeslots:

I’m probably part of the waiting list for Deokman to be a ‘full woman’ on the drama as so far, in the 11th Episode, it was all about the Baekjae war. And I am patiently waiting for Deokman to be part of the ‘royal family’ as I can’t wait to see Lee Yo Won in a royalty dress or to wear that crown.. Fingers are crossed that Episode 13 or 14 will show progress on the real Deokman. I’m kinda addicted to 2 dramas in this timeslot, obviously, Queen Seon Duk is one of them and He Who Can’t Marry. For He Who Can’t Marry, it’s first 2 episodes wasn’t much as it turns to be boring since I’ve watched the Japanese version only the first 2 episodes, now, Episodes 3-6 turns out to be a exciting one! Jo Jae Hee and Jang Mun Jung’s story is one interesting thing. Especially for Jo Jae Hee, thinking that he would do flattering things, but turns out that it wasn’t what he is planned. He’s more on scientific or probably a nerd which ruins the atmosphere by bringing obnoxious comments which are true. MBC Queen Seon Duk continues to reign despite the comments of poor acting from our female lead. Monday episode recorded a 31.6% and Tuesday with 31.9% the 2nd highest is the Tuesday episode so far. KBS2 He Who Can’t Marry 8.0% on Monday and 9.2% on Tuesday. SBS Ja Myung Go 8.0% on Monday and 8.2% on Tuesday. I haven’t really watched Ja Myung Go, so I can’t say if this female warrior is much better than the 3 dramas that the 3 stations are airing now. So far, i’m on Seon Duk’s side as Cheon Chu is starting to lose it’s spark. So, for sageuk dramas, MBC is still the best! For He Who Can’t Marry, Jo Jae Hee would probably be depressed as he is obviously a sageuk fan but turns out that sageuk is the reason why he’s show feels down. Questions for later, Will He Who Can’t Marry continue to be on the 2nd place with a stable 8%-9% rating? Will Queen Seon Duk be able to reach a 35%? Let’s not expect from Ja Myung Go as it will be leaving next 2 weeks as upcoming Dream continues to tease everyone by releasing pics already.

Weekend Timeselots (3rd batch):

Let’s do it in a opposite way this time. I still haven’t watched Episode 1 of Friend, but it’s all ready and can be watched in my files now. The time is the problem. And my expectations may get in the way. But the OST so far is the best. Who knew that the 2 Big Bang member’s would do a great song. MBC Friend, Our Legend scoring and improving with 10.4% and 10.6% (Highest/Peak) and SBS Can Anyone Love 18.8% and 17.5% . Questions, Will Friend, Our Legend be able to reach 11% next week?

Weekend Timeslots (1st batch):

I’m starting to read bad comments for Job Well Done as because of the issue of Kang Ju living with her step-mom. But i’m still on the 24th Episode. So, I’m waiting for my own reactions. Hope we won’t see Kang Ju and Byul being slaves. I can image it now. KBS2’s Sons of Sol Pharmacy House continues to be on 2nd places for whole ratings and 1st place in this timeslot, 27.3%(Saturday) and a whooping 34.2% yesterday. Congratulations! MBC Job Well Done 11.2% and 11.5%. And yes, I still expect it to get good ratings. I hope it would continue to be lovable on the upcoming episodes i’ll be watching soon.

Weekend Timeslots (2nd batch):

(Big thanks to yeohweping for posting it in soompi!)

We see tears for yesterday’s episode of top-notch Brilliant Legacy. I didn’t watch both episodes live as it ruins the mood. I’ve only peeked on yesterday’s episode where Hwan was making a announcement on the whole workers of Jin Sung factory. I’m guessing that Seung Mi is starting to begging on Eun-sung because of what she sees on the two (being very close in the hospital) and Jun-se seeing Hwan and Eun-sung hugging. Yes, Jun-se and Seung-mi’s world are starting to shatter. Seeing that Hwan’s looks maybe breaking up with Seung Mi and Eun-sung breaking ties with Jun-se. We’re still on Episode 24 yet we’re afraid that the drama will leave us. 28 Episodes is just too short for one good drama like this. But it’s enough for it to fulfill our Weekend pleasure. SBS Brilliant Legacy with 37.6% (current highest for a Saturday episode) and a very outstanding 41.7% (Sunday and it’s peak so far) I’m currently on applause mode. and KBS2 Empress Cheon Chu 12.2% and 12.6%. Questions, Will Brilliant Legacy be able to reach 45% before it’s Finale Episode?


Complete Summary List of Monday-Sunday dramas (Daily dramas, Variety Shows & News programs are not included) **ALL RATINGS are VIA Seoul and TNS MEDIA RATINGS***:

01. Brilliant Legacy – 39.7%
02. Queen Seon Duk – 31.8%
03. Sons of Sol Pharmacy House – 30.8%
04. Can Anyone Love – 18.2%
05. Empress Cheon Chu – 12.4%
06. Swallow The Sun – 12.1%
07. Job Well Done – 11.4%
08. Partner – 11%
09. Friend, Our Legend – 10.5%
10. He Who Can’t Marry – 8.6%
11. Triple – 8.5%
12. Ja Myung Go – 8.1%


We’ll be welcoming 2 new dramas from the same station next 2 weeks, replacing Ja Myung Go, Dream (starring, Kim Bum, Joo Jin Mo & Son Dam Bi) and replacing Brilliant Legacy, Style (starring Ryu Shi Won & Lee Ji Ah).

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  1. Posted by ditdut on July 13, 2009 at 3:04 pm

    I guess now I need to check Swallow the Sun. I did not expect that to have such healthy rating on its first episode. While everything can easily go wrong from here, it’s still quite an achievement for a first episode. There’s my love Lee Wan too there, haha..


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