Ratings Analysis [09.07.13-09.07.19]

As soon as we say a sad goodbye for Brilliant Legacy, we will soon this drama reign in the ratings. Why? Because it’s currently on the 2nd/3rd place of the whole ratings. While questions for last week are answered with a sweet Yes and some had to answer with a No. Ratings for last week.

Wednesday-Thursday timeslot:

The production of Swallow the Sun might probably may start doing some stunts and flying scenes as they are on top of the ratings battle and what they totally expected and probably may reach the 30% soon. The questions for last week was if Swallow the Sun will continue to reign. And yes. the drama had just reached a almost 20%. SBS Swallow the Sun had it’s 2nd episode (wendesday) with 17.3% and it’s 3rd episode (Thursday) with a .1 away from reaching 20%, 19.9%. Other networks continue to stumble. Question last week also was, Will Partner finally be able to reach a very high rating? Partly yes and partly no. KBS2 Partner with 10.7% and 11.0%, it was able to continue it’s 10% ratings. MBC Triple with 7.8% and 7.9%. Yes, the same sequence as last week, Swallow the Sun — Partner — Triple. Triple will be departing in 2 weeks from now and MBC Soul will take over, quite surprised that KBS didn’t place Hometown Legends 2009 in wednesday-thursday timeslot, instead they placed Take Care of Agasshi in it’s timeslot. More upcoming dramas to come and try to defeat Swallow the Sun.

Monday-Tuesday timeslots:

Yoo Seung Ho as King Kim Chun Chu, the son of Princess Cheonmyung. Was I correct? haha. MBC Queen Seon Duk with 32.8% and 33.5% A big round of applause. Congratulations. It’s currently in 2nd place probably in the whole ratings. Last week’s question was “Will Queen Seon Duk be able to reach a 35%?” and it still has 2% more before it reaches that. KBS He Who Can’t Marry with 8.7% and 9.4% and SBS Ja Myung Go 8.7% and 9.2%. Again, i’m enjoying both Queen Seon Duk and He Who Can’t Marry. I both recommend. I’m hoping MBC won’t drag it too much and extend it again with 80 episodes like Jumong. I can’t take watching long long dramas. This historical drama is the only one i’m amazed now, since Kingdom of the Winds never gave me a great response. Not much Star Power.

Weekend Timeselots (3rd batch):

MBC Friend, Our Legend with 9.8% and 9.5%. and SBS Can Anyone Love with 19.2% and 18.3%. Question was if it would reach 11% for Friend. And no. I hope MBC won’t reduce this one with 16 again. Since i’ve enjoyed the first 3 episodes. Although, I was surprised how they show spoilers in Episodes 1-3 already. Like, first 30 minutes were from ’90s and the rest are from the ’70s-’80s. Childhood and adult life.

Weekend Timeslots (1st batch):

MBC Job Well Done with 11.7& and 9.5% with 3rd place Sons of Sol Pharmacy House with 30.5% and 32%. Job Well Done has been reduced to 40 so, we’ll se a ending next 2 weeks. Replacing it is period drama, Tamra The Island.

Weekend Timeslots (2nd batch):

How exciting that screen capture!! Wohoo! Finally, Eun Sung and her dad. Aww. πŸ™‚ Brilliant Legacy with 39.9% and 44.0% and yes, it was able to reach the expected 41%-45%. Congrats! 11.6% and 12.8% for Cheon Chu. Style’s press conference was held today. and getting ready to take over Brilliant Legacy. Nooo! 2 more episodes then we’re done? Booo!!


Complete Summary List of Monday-Sunday dramas (Daily dramas, Variety Shows & News programs are not included) **ALL RATINGS are VIA Seoul and TNS MEDIA RATINGS***:

01. Brilliant Legacy – 42%
02. Queen Seon Duk – 33.2%
03. Sons of Sol Pharmacy House – 31.3%
04. Can Anyone Love – 18.8%
05. Swallow The Sun – 18.6%
06. Empress Cheon Chu – 12.2%
07. Job Well Done – 10.6%
08. Partner – 10.9%
09. Friend, Our Legend – 9.7%
10. He Who Can’t Marry – 9.1%
11. Ja Myung Go – 9.0%
12. Triple – 7.9%

5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by elyssa on January 21, 2010 at 2:36 pm

    my favorite watching is queen seon duk


  2. it’s good drama.


  3. Posted by jelly kim on September 24, 2009 at 4:43 am

    i love love love queen sun duk i think that prince is so cute, i hope he doesn’t turn into a bad guy (gulp)


  4. Posted by ditdut on July 21, 2009 at 3:03 am

    I too am enjoying He Who Can’t Marry a lot. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t seen the japanese one, but I think it’s funny, it’s fresh, and there’s no dramatically ridiculous storylines or anything, it’s purely fun.

    Gave up on Triple. Story’s not going the way I want it to go and I’d rather stop watching than bitch to no end, haha..


    • Posted by melee on July 26, 2009 at 7:54 am

      So true.
      I did not like Triple at all. I started a little, but it got really boring.
      He who Can’t Marry was a good and enjoyable drama.
      I wonder why no one watch it as much.


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