Ratings Analysis [09.07.20-09.07.26]

This was not only the drama that had departed from it’s spot. We have 2 dramas from 1 station but with different paths had departed. SBS Ja Myung Go and SBS Brilliant Legacy had finally ended their run after quite few months and one had made history once again.

Wednesday-Thursday timeslot:

A still of Yoon Eun Hye on her upcoming drama which will replace KBS Partner, Take Care of the Young Lady (My Fair lady). She’s the spoiled brat type, crowned as the female “Gu Jun Pyo.” Am already excited. So, SBS Swallow the Sun still is on the lead but it’s numbers are not that high not like last week. 16.5% and 17.0% from it’s last airing last week that almost broke 20%, but this time, it had to fall by 2.9%. KBS2 Partner with 10.7% and 12.1% which is the current highest or peak of the whole ratings it got. and last placer, MBC Triple with 8.0% and 7.8% which will be ending it’s run this week with episode 15 and 16 and MBC Summer Horror Drama will finally take over, Soul. The drama is quite fast, I can’t believe it’s in the finale week already. I’m still on Episode 10 but haven’t seen much progress yet, but I still enjoy it.

Monday-Tuesday timeslots:

Soo, MBC Queen Seon Duk with 32.0% and it’s peak so far, 34.4%. with KBS2 He Who Can’t Marry 9.5% current peak. and 7.8%. with last placer and the drama that departed, SBS Ja Myung Go with 8.4% and still on last place, 7.7%. It still didn’t manage to at least go to 2nd place since mostly, last episode are the ones wherein we have the highest number. I’ve read news that the finale of the drama is as bad as it’s ratings. Hodong and Ja Myung had died. Not much to say, I’m not a fan of the drama.

Weekend Timeselots (3rd batch):

I guess that was the highlight of the last episode for Friend, Our Legend since those are the ones that came out on daum. SBS Can Anyone Love with a stable ratings of, 17.3% and 17.7%. and MBC Friend, Our Legend with 8.5% and 9.3%.

Weekend Timeslots (1st batch):


Fellow, MBC drama, Job Well Done will be ending it’s run also this sunday, and to replace is the Fusion sageuk drama, Tamra, the Island. MBC, Job Well Done with 9.0% and 9.3%. And 2nd placer, KBS2, Sons of Sol Pharmacy House with 26.4% and 37.1%, the drama only reached that high since, Brilliant Legacy had the very high finale rating.

Weekend Timeslots (2nd batch):

Sorry, no capture for Episodes 27 and 28 Finale, since I’m still one of the people that are clueless on what the finale is. SBS Brilliant Legacy, ended it’s run with 45.3% and a very whoping, 47.4%, too bad it didn’t break the 50% while it’s last 2 weeks, but that one is fine already. Since the comeback drama of Singer actor, Lee Seung Gi was a great success and we might see him on more dramas if he would accept any offers, but with his 2 days and 1 Night filming, it might be too hectic. But, all of his shows are a hit and it’s music is a hit also. Since he’s variety show is leading on the Sunday timeslot, while his latest single, Will You Marry Me? is topping the charts and being in the top 3 in Music Bank, just a little note, Will You Marry Me? is a single which doesn’t have much needed sales or promotions not like the ordinary, mini-album or album, as for the two ladies of the drama, Han Hyo Joo is rumored to be casted in the upcoming KBS2 drama, Chuno/Slave Hunter. But the agency informed everyone that she is still looking up the scripts and no final decisions are made yet and she is being crowned as the ratings queen with her 3 dramas reigning in the ratings, daily drama, As Much as Heaven and Earth, SBS Iljimae & SBS Brilliant Legacy, as for Moon Chae Won, the lady will be part of the KBS2 wednesday-thursday drama, My Fair Lady she’ll be part of the ‘second fiddle’s again. as for, Bae Soo Bin, not much news on him on what will be his next step. KBS2 Empress Cheon Chu with 8.3% and 14.5%. If you had noticed, I had to rant all about the cast’s whereabouts. Is this the stage of denial that such perfect cast will be ending it’s on-screen bonding. Am really addicted with the drama. Am very depressed that it will be ending.


Complete Summary List of Monday-Sunday dramas (Daily dramas, Variety Shows & News programs are not included) **ALL RATINGS are VIA Seoul and TNS MEDIA RATINGS***:

01. Brilliant Legacy – 46.4%
02. Queen Seon Duk – 33.2%
03. Sons of Sol Pharmacy House – 31.8%
04. Can Anyone Love – 17.5%
05. Swallow The Sun – 16.8%
06. Empress Cheon Chu – 11.4%
07. Partner – 11.4%
08.Job Well Done –9.2%
09. Friend, Our Legend – 8.9%
10. He Who Can’t Marry – 8.7%
11. Ja Myung Go – 8.1%
12. Triple – 7.9%


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  1. Posted by tyas on March 7, 2010 at 1:13 am

    I love BL..tuh…semuanya so sweet..^ ^


  2. Posted by miiiimi on January 6, 2010 at 10:11 am

    tks for everythings it’s sooooooooooo intresting, take care


  3. I just found out about this blog, seems really good!!!
    I will keep on checking the news you post!


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