Still, Marry Me: General Comments [Part 1]

I guess just merely tweeting and posting up a short comment on its soompi thread was not enough for me to show how much I had loved and still in love with this drama! And because of this drama, it gave me a will to start blogging once again. I do hope that this time, I had improved, after several months of taking a break from my crappy writing, I now know the real essence of blogging. It’s how you enjoy it, not just merely saying you had posted something about it.

Still, Marry Me / The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry <아직도 결혼하고 싶은 여자>

A little background information first on what the drama is basically about then we’ll follow onto how much I adore every bit, whom I am in love and to whom I vent my anger on with this drama.

The 2010 sequel to the widely successful 2004 MBC drama it’s prequel, The Woman Who Wants to Marry <결혼하고 싶은 여자>. The Koreans had been much long had done dramas about (mostly) ladies and men who are single in their mid-thirties. Mostly they are the type who is successful in its job, lives alone, goes onto blind dates being set up by their parents or by themselves. Still, Marry Me is about the story of 3 ladies on its 30’s, Lee Shin Young (Park Jin Hee), Jung Da Jung (Uhm Ji Won) & Kim Bu Gi (Wang Bit Na). All three are friends who are in search of their perfect soulmate, that’s the case for the two ladies.

Lee Shin Young – a UBN reporter who is struggling to find its perfect stand on the network company. She is sometimes being used for the sake of the good of the company without her gaining anything. She struggles to find love as she had been fooled the day the man engaged to her, after having to break up with her long time college love because she has to pursue her dream in abroad. Until the day, she finds love into a 24 year old boy, who is 10 years younger than her and had met in a not so normal meeting.

Jung Da Jung – a well respected translator. She is one of the top translators of Korea when in comes to foreign conferences, meetings and business deals. People think of her as a very prim and proper lady who has no problems at all, since she is well-known, beautiful and successful. But on one night, Lee Shin Young and Kim Bu Gi had seen her outside a building, calling for her ex-boyfriend who broke off with her. That day, they had seen the need of a man for Da Jung. They didn’t know that she was obsessed with marriage and finding his partner. After several blind dates, she then finds her man that had swept her foot away, not knowing that it was one of the suitors of Lee Shin Young before.

Kim Bu Gi – You can probably call her the one who gives the advice for the gang. She had found love before on a college student, had lived in a same house with him and had served his family. She had did nothing but wash the dishes, served the family and did all sorts of housework. She was not able to find her woman side that time. She had given up her love for the sake of finding her true self as a woman. She’s now a successful planner for restaurants and party. She finds herself helping woman who is lost and develops a deep friendship with them. The biggest question was, will she end up happy or is she happy with this state with no man with her?

General Comments, the real deal!

I didn’t elaborate much on the 3 male lead of the drama, I had think that maybe I can express them through the general comments. We’ll place this as a kinda drama awards, wherein we will have the best character (ladies), best couple, best character (male) and uninteresting character (ladies).

The Pros.
(What made me fell in love completely and my favorite character! [not the best character yet!])

I have read so much news about this drama before it was to be aired. Little interest had struck me since I am not familiar much with the main actresses, but for the leads, they are familiar to me. So I ignored it for so many weeks as I was struck onto some dramas. But after a boring day, I felt like something is missing, is there no drama out there that would make me laugh whenever i’m doing nothing? Browsing a little, I found myself onto the folder of this drama. Plugged it into the TV at 12am and found myself very entertained in the middle of episode 1. I found a very light drama which made me smile and the friendship between the three ladies, which I had enjoyed very much, the small humors that was made through funny situations and so.

The thing that made me laugh so much is that I found myself enjoying the characters itself. It had struck me so much at the end of Episode 2, after seeing a cute situation with our lead. Now, not only I had found the situations, story lines and exchange of lines interesting but the characters had finally added up! It’s pretty funny that whenever I watch a drama, I am sometimes irritated with the artists on how they act, but alas! I see myself focusing on the drama. I didn’t grit my teeth whenever a certain actor would come out. Not until a certain episode.

If you’re asking why I am entertained with Lee Shin Young so much, her funny cute little expressions made me in love with her so much. Just in case you would notice her different style of saying ‘Aigoo’ lying on the floor and being like a epileptic person. And my personal favorite expression of them all, her suddenly shouting of this cute expression. ‘Kyaaawww!’ I hope you had noticed that somewhere in the other episodes. The last I have heard of it was episode 15, I think. It was something I found cute. It was only a short expression, but it had showed that Lee Shin Young is something new, she is a one of a kind spinster. She is person whom is interested to show that love is something that comes, it’s something that waits as well. I got those emotions on how Park Jin Hee portrays her character.

Again, I am amazed how she portrayed the 34 year old Lee Shin Young as someone who is not so cheap, but someone who is very fond of emotions, cute scenes and determined type!

Best Couple Award: Na Ban Seok and Jung Da Jung

So maybe you’re probably thinking that I would consider as my best couple is the main leads, not really. I am fond of the May-December pairing, but unfortunately, this couple struck my attention much more!

Can you imagine two kids on a play-date roaming around, eating out in restaurants, watching the movies in a car and trying to do moves onto each other. I always laugh whenever these two come in the scene. Choi Chul Ho is of someone to praise also! His tactics of trying to kiss Da Jung is way too hilarious! Trying to catch her hand. And little-miss-no-know-nothing, Da Jung-sshi, is the same as well. I somehow felt like she was new to the whole dating. The way she calls Ban Seok in a very cute way, her cute expressions that it’s her, ‘first in a while’ with him. The two whenever I watch them, brings much more interest to me. Ban Seok’s polite way of saying ‘I Love You’ to Da Jung, not the typical people in a relationship. And to think that these two kid-like couple was the first to marry and the only one in the drama. Ain’t they cute on those images?

(Special thanks to javabeans @ dramabeans for the image capture of Ban Seok and Da Jung)

Part 2 will be up soon! I have more to rant! To imagine that 1271 words ain’t enough for me to express it all. Part 2 will contain the following:

  • Best Character [Ladies]
  • Best Character [Male]
  • Most Uninteresting Character [Ladies only]
  • Final Conclusion (CONTAINS SPOILERS!)

5 responses to this post.

  1. read also a lot of good things about the drama, and this was directed I think by the PD of Queen of Housewives which I liked as well, with lots of dramas to watch, I’ll give this a shot in my next batch of dramas to watch ^^


    • Hi! =)
      Actually, I watched this drama not knowing anything about the production team and the full background! After watching it, I did some background research and wanted to watch the dramas, specifically QOH! I never had a chance to watch it! After seeing Kim Nam Joo won for the drama, and Choi Chul Ho is part of it also, i’m expecting something really good!
      Hope you enjoyed my post, carlaane! Would love to see you drop by once in a while.

      See you around!


  2. is it that great?? the story is about 3 spinsters soo i thought its kinda boring~


  3. Posted by cute girl on March 26, 2010 at 12:39 am

    You know, I stopped watching the drama after Ep5 but ur review makes me want to re download it an watch it again, maybe will be on my list to watch during my summer vacation.


    • Ey, Moon! =) So glad you dropped in my little bloggy! haha. ^^
      You need to watch it! Make sure to watch it all the way! No stops! haha. I’m sure you’ll be gashing over it also. And it’s almost summer, we need something to cool of our hearts during that hot days! haha.


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