Still, Marry Me: General Comments [Part 2]

Don’t you just find those two oh so cute? The kids are dressing up as a bride and groom, that’s what I think of whenever I see them. But seriously, they have had a little maturity after the story had turned to them as a couple. Struggles of a woman who had dreamed only for a man, no strings attached onto him. Poor Da Jung. 😦

Best Character [Ladies]: Kim Bu Gi

Whenever I see Bu Gi, she has a very strong aura with her. Her charisma that gives the feel of a new woman, a reborn one if you can say. The character Bu Gi had showed a woman can live without love. A woman can live after experiencing hardships and can still find the true woman side of her. She had redefined the meaning of a woman in her 30s. And to think that the Bu Gi now was the Bu Gi back then who was madly in love and was a slave for the in-laws. She had showed that not all woman in her 30s are looking for love, she showed that some enjoys the privileges of a woman itself. Being with her friends, giving advices to co-women.

I had to admit, Bu Gi was the character I had anticipated the most on what will happen to her in the end. I had juggled up some thoughts and think of a perfect ending for her, I guess she has already reached her ending being a successful lady, entertaining (ignoring) suitors and just playing around in her age. She was one of the most important characters the drama had for me. I’m sure all women watching this drama right now, would love to have a Woogi Bu Gi with them to help them along the way, huh?
(That’s the Kim Bu Gi back then who was in love with the college student whom she had to leave)

The Cons: (Not all dramas are perfect some have its flaws and sad to say that this one has some)

Specifically, I can say that one of the things that had made me uneasy while watching was some of it’s on and off writing. I’m not saying that the storyline is getting too draggy or that, but some of the stories are so typical that it has become too much predictable, you know those things that are usually normal, but you’ll get so tired of it already. Yet some has their own spark that keeps on lingering on our heads even though we know the outcome already.

I found so less significance when the storyline, specifically at the last two episodes, of the drama had suddenly changed. Part of me was anticipating so much what will happen to the leads, I was disappointed with how it had turned out. I am seriously fed up with the whole concept that a couple breaks it off because one of them had to leave for abroad. The storyline had suddenly went out of the blue. I had remembered that I started watching this after being amazed how the writers were able to connect things properly even the whole story about Bu Gi being friends with Min Jae’s mother. As for that storyline, I guess I found it too tiring already. It didn’t spark to me too much anymore. I understand that the message was to show how their love was really strong, but after those long tiring problems, i’m sure we had the point already. Jumping into conclusions, this may had resulted just because the drama had nothing in mind to show already. Nothing’s very new today after seeing a hundred of shows already using different concepts. But it was my fault that I had expected so much into the finale, I expected something even better.

Another thing that didn’t appeal much to me was the Sang couple. Sang Mi and Sang Woo storyline. I’m a big fan of the actor, Lee Pil Mo who portrays Sang Woo. But the two didn’t have any chemistry at all in my eyes. I think that storyline was only used because Sang Woo had started to be a nuisance to the whole story of Min Jae and Shin Young. But I do understand in some point that it has some reasons as well, it was a bridge to help Sang Mi realize how she treats Shin Young like how Sang Woo’s mother had treated her. I can say that their scenes are the reason why I grit my teeth and lose my enjoyment after seeing the date of my favorite couple.

Most Uninteresting Character [Ladies]: Choi Sang Mi (Han Jae’s mother)

She was not a threat to the couple.

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