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War dramas of 2010

(KBS1, Comrades; June 19, 2010)

The Korean TV will be bringing a new taste of genre for the year of 2010. MBC and KBS1 are both scheduled to air their own war-themed dramas this month of June. Trailers and posters from both dramas can be found in this post! I’m looking forward for some action themed dramas! The other will be focused on the war itself while the other will focus on the events and the love story revolving the people involved.

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Ratings Analysis [10.05.24-10.05.30]

(MBC, Dong Yi, Monday & Tuesday; 9:55pm)

I miss doing this part in my blog. Though I still continue to post ratings at soompi, I can’t post my POV about it. Now I’m so glad that i’m free and i’ll be expressing what I feel about the ratings. MBC’s 49th anniversary project, Dong Yi, had once proven again that MBC has been reigning into the sageuk genre in terms of ratings! I’m watching the show and it’s okay, but i’m still looking for the wow factor.

(NOTE: Ratings are only for primetime dramas included as well listed in the Top 20 National & Seoul TV Ratings of TNS Media. Meaning, news, daily dramas, variety shows and documentaries are not included in this list. Timings are mentioned, as well as its competition in timeslot.)

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WGM – Sweet Potato Couple (SeoHwa)
(Seo Hyun of SNSD, Jung Yong Hwa of CN Blue)

I have never hidden the fact that i’m a big SNSD fan, a K-POP listener and had explored on different things on the Korean entertainment. A very big delight that I was surprised very much wherein I find We Got Married very amusing. I had always knew of the concept of the drama ever since it had launched and had read of its wide popularity but I didn’t care. Now, I’m very pleased to be having so much fun with this couple! Given the name, Sweet Potato Couple and the awkwardness I have a lot to rant why I love and found this couple very amusing and fun fun fun!

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The Mid-week dramas

Personal Taste (MBC)Cinderella's Sister (KBS2)Prosecutor Princess (SBS)

(Personal Taste, Cinderella’s Sister, Prosecutor Princess)

How time flies? I can still remember the time in which I was digging for some news about these mid-week dramas, reading and anticipating the first episode reviews of my favorite bloggers and so. And now the two had reached to its finish line while the other will be ending this week. But to say it all very simply, Personal Taste was a big disappointment, considering the much anticipation it gave, having a decent cast and so. While Cinderella’s Sister is picking up little by little and Prosecutor Princess is getting more and more confusing but still on the level of cute.

(NOTE: I’ve just finished the 14th episode of all of these dramas, and i’ll be watching the last two of Personal Taste and Prosecutor Princess very soon. My comments are only based on what I have seen.)

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My most anticipated summer vacation will be in two weeks. Meaning, i’ll be fully back to start blogging and rant more about the dramas i’m watching now. But I promise to commit to blogging and improve myself a lot more! An all new KID will be back this May 29th~! =)