The Mid-week dramas

Personal Taste (MBC)Cinderella's Sister (KBS2)Prosecutor Princess (SBS)

(Personal Taste, Cinderella’s Sister, Prosecutor Princess)

How time flies? I can still remember the time in which I was digging for some news about these mid-week dramas, reading and anticipating the first episode reviews of my favorite bloggers and so. And now the two had reached to its finish line while the other will be ending this week. But to say it all very simply, Personal Taste was a big disappointment, considering the much anticipation it gave, having a decent cast and so. While Cinderella’s Sister is picking up little by little and Prosecutor Princess is getting more and more confusing but still on the level of cute.

(NOTE: I’ve just finished the 14th episode of all of these dramas, and i’ll be watching the last two of Personal Taste and Prosecutor Princess very soon. My comments are only based on what I have seen.)

Rating’s wise, Cinderella’s Sister is having its lead following Personal Taste and last is SBS’ Prosecutor Princess. If I were to re-arrange the ratings, I would rate Cinderella’s Sister as indeed first, next would be Prosecutor Princess and my last would be Personal Taste. True that Cinderella’s Sister didn’t appeal much to me after its first two episodes, but the emotions that the drama develops time by time is very different from all three. I feel like the drama has more it-factor in terms of the change of genre it shows. Surprisingly you’ll found yourself laughing because of the dialogues the characters of Cinderella’s Sister throws. Then I’ll be finding myself teary eyed because of Eun Jo’s steel heart. I had always wanted to re-do the decisions Eun Jo is making. An example, when Hyo Sun was weeping in front of Eun Jo, I really wanted to see her comfort her just for once and show a little sisterly love. I feel like I was Hyo Sun then looking for a soft pillow to hug and cry on. But to say it very simply, I’m glad that Cinderella’s Sister is picking up and showing some awesome and cute scenes.

Whatever I do, I always smile just looking at Ma Hye Ri. I’m not a big fan of fashion or so, but whatever this woman wears was a delight and very cute. I hope Prosecutor Princess had stayed that way, cute, light and simple, but the latter half was getting really confusing with the cases she was handling, most especially the main case wherein her father was involved in. I really wished they knew the difference of a suspense and something that’s plain complicated. And to my surprise that the writers of this drama were one of my favorites, Brilliant Legacy, which for me had one of the best scenes and its plot as well. But still, I’m still amazed with the writers, they made me fall in love with all characters very much. I still can’t find who will be the character for me to blame everything that will happen because the characters has their own development, energy, and relation to the lead. But I will not yet conclude that this drama is a failure, the last two episodes may be able to pick up much more and bring what I had longed for.

Why? Why? Can I google the answer why Personal Taste had let itself be this way? The first batch had the right mixture, too bad the writer wanted to achieve more than it could and turned out to be very predictable. After seeing what had happened in the 14th episode, I already had some assumptions on what may happen on the next episode. The fact that I had already dislike Gae In because she is one stupid lady which I really don’t find cute at all. She should really know that it’s the century wherein anyone fights back. Also, the fact that there were rumors wherein the drama were supposedly be extended to 20 episodes, if it were to happen, can I just imagine what a complete mess this may have been? Thank goodness. I still need to see if the last two episodes will be able to develop more entertainment, but after everything, I have to say that it’s too late.

A little extra, out of all these dramas, I found Prosecutor Princess to have one of the best chemistry of characters and skinship! I found the very passionate kiss in this drama. Even the first kiss was very passionate much more with the second kiss. But the thing I still find funny is Cinderella’s Sister. There’s still no kiss, the only ultimate skinship are hugging, patting of shoulders. It’s really funny.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by fifi on June 9, 2010 at 12:00 am

    out of these, in woo hye ri have the greatest chemistry
    in woo-hye ri=awesomeness


  2. Posted by cute girl on May 30, 2010 at 10:24 pm

    Nice job chingo~~

    out of all these great dramas, PP is the best and I’m gonna miss Lawyer Seo cuteness and Ma Hye Ri adorableness


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