Ratings Analysis [10.05.24-10.05.30]


(MBC, Dong Yi, Monday & Tuesday; 9:55pm)

I miss doing this part in my blog. Though I still continue to post ratings at soompi, I can’t post my POV about it. Now I’m so glad that i’m free and i’ll be expressing what I feel about the ratings. MBC’s 49th anniversary project, Dong Yi, had once proven again that MBC has been reigning into the sageuk genre in terms of ratings! I’m watching the show and it’s okay, but i’m still looking for the wow factor.

(NOTE: Ratings are only for primetime dramas included as well listed in the Top 20 National & Seoul TV Ratings of TNS Media. Meaning, news, daily dramas, variety shows and documentaries are not included in this list. Timings are mentioned, as well as its competition in timeslot.)

Just in case some of you may not be aware here are the list of dramas being currently aired and its timeslot.

Monday & Tuesday:

  • Coffee House <커피하우스> (SBS); 9:00PM; Kang Ji Hwan, Park Si Yeon & Eun Jung.
  • Call of the Country <국가가 부른다> (KBs2); 9:55PM; Lee Soo Kyung, Kim Sang Kyung & Ryu Jin.
  • Dong Yi <동이> (MBC); 9:55PM; Han Hyo Joo, Ji Jin Hee, Bae Soo Bin & Lee So Yeon.
  • Giant <자이언트> (SBS); 9:55PM; Lee Bum Soo & Park Jin Hee.

Wednesday & Thursday:

  • Bad Guy / Bad Boy <나쁜남자> (SBS); 9:55PM; Kim Nam Gil & Han Ga In.
  • Cinderella’s Sister <신데렐라언니> (KBS2); 9:55PM; Moon Geun Young, Seo Woo & Chun Jung Myung.
  • I Live Without Anything <나는 별일없이 산다> (MBC); 9:55PM; Shin Sung Il & Ha Hee Ra.

Saturday & Sunday (8PM):

  • Dandelion Family <민들레 가족> (MBC); Yoo Dong Geun & Yang Mi Kyung.
  • Three Brothers <수상한 삼형제> (KBS2); Ahn Nae Sang, Oh Dae Gyu & Lee Joon Hyuk.

Saturday & Sunday (9PM):

  • Definitely Neighbors <이웃집 웬수> (SBS); Son Hyun Joo & Yoo Ho Jung.
  • KBS Drama Special <KBS드라마스페셜> (KBS2); Various artists. (Saturday only)

Saturday & Sunday (10PM):

  • Kim Soo Ro <김수로> (MBC); Ji Sung, Seo Ji Hye & Bae Jong Ok.
  • Life is Beautiful <인생은아름다워> (SBS); Song Chang Eui, Lee Sang Woo & Nam Sang Mi.
  • Merchant Kim Man Deok <거상김만덕> (KBS1); Lee Mi Yeon & Han Jae Suk.

Now to the ratings:

Monday & Tuesday:

(SBS, Coffee House, Monday & Tuesday; 9:00PM)

Coffee House is coming off very weak, considering that its competition are the 9’o clock news from MBC and KBS2. Its 4th episode came in at 19th with 7.8%, onto the 10PM dramas, we have the leading sageuk, MBC’s Dong Yi, with 24.1% (2nd) and 23.8% (1st) for its 19th and 20th episode respectively. As for SBS, Giant is coming with an average ratings but still having double digits considering that Dong Yi has 20% of ratings, it obtained, 13.9% (9th) and 14.3% (7th) for its 6th and 7th episode. For KBS2, Call of the Country, no recorded digits are available since it’s coming with really weak ratings single digits and may possibly be below the 5% border.

I’m watching Dong Yi but i’m planning to watch Giant and Coffee House as well, so far, Dong Yi isn’t as amazing as the other sageuk dramas. Though for the cast, Han Hyo Joo obviously isn’t a great actress, Ji Jin Hee is one funny king, but Lee So Yeon and Bae Soo Bin are worth the praise! Lee So Yeon’s eyes are just captivating and scary, the role is so perfect for her and i’m just amazed and glad that she’s part of it. Bae Soo Bin is natural with his sageuk acting but remarkable as well.

Wednesday & Thursday:

(SBS, Bad Guy, Wednesday & Thursday; 9:55PM)

KBS2’s, Cinderella’s Sister is still leading with 23.2% (1st) and 21.0% (1st) for its 17th and 18th episode. It has been consistently on top with its timeslot and had been improving for me. As what I have mentioned, I’m looking forward to the development of characters from the leads very much from Moon Geun Young. The new SBS drama had already premiered with again another average, Bad Guy with 12.0% (7th) and 12.8% (8th), i’m so looking forward for this project, Kim Nam Gil was amazing in Queen Seon Duk and I miss Han Ga In very much! MBC’s I Live Without Anything had been below the Top 20 game, it’s only a special 4 episode drama. No recorded data are available for it once again.

Saturday & Sunday (8PM):

(MBC, Dandelion Family, Saturday & Sunday; 8pm)

Weekend drama behemoth, Three Brothers had been achieving the 1st place ever since it has aired, 33.9% (1st) and 34.7% (1st) for its 65th and 66th episode. Originally it was 50 episode but it was extended to 70. Ain’t that draggy? Meanwhile, MBC’s Dandelion Family had surprisingly appeared in the Top 20 ratings yesterday with 11.7% (10th) for its 34th episode. The reason for this maybe because of the Football airing.

Saturday & Sunday (9PM):


(KBS Drama Special, Hot Coffee; Saturday, 9PM)

SBS, Definitely Neighbors with 23.0% (2nd) and 23.6% (3rd) for its 25th and 26th episode. While Drama Special, Hot Coffee with 7.6% (16th).

Saturday & Sunday (10PM):


(MBC, Kim Soo Ro, Saturday & Sunday; 10pm)

SBS, Life is Beautiful leading in its timeslot with 21.8% (3rd) and 17.9% (6th) for its 21st and 22nd episode respectively. Meanwhile, KBS1, Merchant Kim Man Deok with 11.6% (8th) and 10.1% (14th) for its 25th and 26th episode. And co-sageuk competitor which had premiered that week, MBC, Kim Soo Ro with 10.7% (10th) for its 1st episode only.

I’m watching less weekend dramas nowadays comparing it to back then, I got tired of the shows being too draggy and having no point whatsoever. That’s why i’m focusing more on the Weekday dramas, which is short and sometimes has potential whenever it’s too long.


  • Three Brothers <수상한삼형제> (KBS2) episode 65 & 66 – 34.3%
  • Dong Yi <동이> (MBC) episode 19 & 20 – 23.9%
  • Definitely Neighbors <이웃집웬수> (SBS) episode 25 & 26 – 23.3%
  • Cinderella’s Sister <신데렐라언니> (KBS2) episode 17 & 18 – 22.1%
  • Life is Beautiful <인생은아름다워> (SBS) episode 21 & 22 – 19.8%

(NOTE: TV ratings are from TNS Media Ratings and complete English TV Ratings @ sooompi ‘Box Office and TV Ratings‘ thread.)

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