War dramas of 2010


(KBS1, Comrades; June 19, 2010)

The Korean TV will be bringing a new taste of genre for the year of 2010. MBC and KBS1 are both scheduled to air their own war-themed dramas this month of June. Trailers and posters from both dramas can be found in this post! I’m looking forward for some action themed dramas! The other will be focused on the war itself while the other will focus on the events and the love story revolving the people involved.

  • MBC; Road No.1 로드 넘버원; 16 Episodes.


MBC will be bringing Road No.1 with top stars, So Ji Sub, Kim Ha Neul, Yoon Kye Sang & Son Chang Min. The drama will be about the events that had occurred on ‘Route 1’ which can be found between South Korea (Seoul) and North Korea (Pyongyang). This will also focus on the love story between So Ji Sub and Kim Ha Neul while Yoon Kye Sang will create the triangle. It is scheduled with 16 episodes and to air this 23rd of June in the Wednesday & Thursday timeslot and will replace the 4-episode, Running Shirt.

Official Trailer: (credits to kikicocoful @ youtube)

  • KBS1; Comrades 전우; 20 Episodes.


On the other station, KBS1 will be airing Comrades. The drama will be about the lives of the 9 crew members that had suffered from the devastation of the war on 1975 of June. To celebrate it’s 25th anniversary Korea had planned to produce this drama to air on the month it had happened. The drama will be featuring Choi Soo Jong, Lee Tae Ran & Lee Duk Hwa. And it’ll be replacing 30-episode Merchant Kim Man Deok.

Official Trailer: (credits to KBSWORLDi @ youtube)

I’m hyped up with both war dramas. The production of Comrades looks wonderful and gorgeous while Road No.1’s plot and storyline and cast is what I’m looking forward to. Judging the trailers, Road No.1 has a more melodramatic tone in terms of its plot and storyline. June, please come closer!

(NOTE: Synopsis from both may be subjected to error, please inform me so if there are to be corrected.)

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