WGM – Sweet Potato Couple (SeoHwa)

(Seo Hyun of SNSD, Jung Yong Hwa of CN Blue)

I have never hidden the fact that i’m a big SNSD fan, a K-POP listener and had explored on different things on the Korean entertainment. A very big delight that I was surprised very much wherein I find We Got Married very amusing. I had always knew of the concept of the drama ever since it had launched and had read of its wide popularity but I didn’t care. Now, I’m very pleased to be having so much fun with this couple! Given the name, Sweet Potato Couple and the awkwardness I have a lot to rant why I love and found this couple very amusing and fun fun fun!

I remembered back then that there were news coming out already that Seo Hyun of SNSD and Jung Yong Hwa of CN Blue were to join the We Got Married family. It was a very unexpected pair-up to some including me. With utmost curiosity I had planned already to watch it with no expectations at all, since I’m aware that Seo Hyun is one quiet person so it may turn out to be boring or nothing. With my surprise, I can still remember the first episode of this series after watching numerous shows and dramas, and I find every bit to be funny, cute and I can ride with the scenes as well. Seo Hyun was able to use her character in a very pleasant way and Yong Hwa’s jolly character. In context, the two are complete opposite, that’s why they are very cute when you watch them together. An example, [Seo] Hyun who is a book worm, Yong [Hwa] who has never read a book for ages, the two will try to relate with each other. Hyun who has no knowledge of playing the guitar, Yong who is a ‘expert’ of the guitar.


True, this kind of variety shows has no plot, it’s up to the character to do something that will amaze its viewers. But the chemistry of these two is something insurmountable. The awkward scenes are the ones I find more amusing, the rolling of eyes of the two trying to grasp for a topic just to talk about then out of the blue they’ll be laughing it off as if, it was all planned. And something so little and simple is so cute! The ‘Yes’ response of Seo Hyun, Yong Hwa’s gaze on Seo Hyun, and herself as a prim and proper lady. It may seem very stupid if you were just reading this and you can’t relate to it, but believe me, if you’ll be watching this, you’ll be longing for more and be hating MBC for the number of weeks it had aired specials, cancellation of airing and so on.


My favorite scene so far in WGM, is the visit of the CN Blue gang to Yong’s wife. We have seen the possessive Yong. As if his bandmates are trying to steal Hyun off him. It was something to laugh about. And Hyun teaching them to dance some Oh! & Tell Me Your Wish dance moves in which you can see their booties shaking off and Yong’s expression while dancing, it’s as if he is really interested to learn. I’m really looking forward for all SNSD members to visit Yong, since they had already sent him a message or more like a threat message. It’s really really fun.


Also, through this show I was able to appreciate the wonderful songs of CN Blue, most especially I’m a Loner. Daradiridaradoo~ I’m sure I would have more to say about this once more development of the two would happen on the couple of new episodes. I still have 2 episodes to catch up and I really can’t wait, since the captures are just something to look forward on.

[Caps special thanks to ahn_annann @ sweet potato couple soompi forums & cashewmania]

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by JIRADATE on July 3, 2010 at 4:35 am

    Now, I am delight to watch WGM since FO is end and after watch it….WOW it is very fun to watch…this couple is cute…I believe Seo Hyun will be the prominent diplomat (as she wish) since she has charisma but lovable personality…people listen and love her…I will follow this show to the end.


  2. Posted by ajumma63 on June 22, 2010 at 8:14 pm

    i love this couple…


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