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Screen caps for Please Marry Me Episode 1

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So, yeah, I watched the first episode of the new Weekend Drama, Please Marry Me or All About Marriage. I have to say, the first episode was cute, refreshing and I find the plot to be the same as every weekend series but with a little twist or something different. Usually in family dramas a mother-in-law would bring hell to their daughter-in-laws lives but this time it’s the father-in-law who is obsessed with his eldest son. [Which is quite scary when you look at it.] Since I liked the first episode, i’ll be giving this drama a chance to prove itself more worthy. Here are screen captures of the first episode.

[Please note that the screen captures were done by me using the regular 700 MB video. I have re-sized it to 355×200 from its regular size, 624×352. Please do not hotlink these images! Upload on your own site!]
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Happiness [First half comments]

If you are one of my followers in twitter I guess you would be aware of how much I’m gushing over this weekend drama. And it’s a delight that I jumped right onto the wagon and watched it even though it aired 2 years ago and it’s extremely long, I have to say so far, it’s worth it and I’m glad I’m watching this two years after for me to be able to marathon it in consecutively boring days and to replace the drought the 2010 airing dramas has given me so far. Let’s place a little simple & brief introduction about what this drama is all about first.

[Please note that the coverage of this review will only be for Episodes 1-29, as I have a lot to rant about this long long weekend drama.]

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Back-to-back upcoming weekend dramas

(Upcoming KBS2 Weekend drama, Please Marry Me)

Two new weekend dramas will be kicking off this 19th showcasing two different genres. The war drama, Comrades & the weekend family drama, Please Marry Me which is centered on four different couples living in one house and will show love, life of marriage, hardships and divorce as well.

With a cast that is precious featuring one of my favorites, Han Sang Jin (Temptation of Angel, Sons of Sol Pharmacy House), Oh Yoon Ah (God of Study) and veteran actor, Baek Il Sub (Still, Marry Me & Sons of Sol Pharmacy House). Cast also includes Lee Jong Hyuk (Chuno), Kim Jo Young & Go Doo Shim.I’ll be waiting for reviews first before I’ll step up and watch Please Marry Me as I do not want to waste my time again on another weekend nonsense like the just-ended trashy drama, Three Brothers. I’m hoping that this would be as fun as Sons of Sol Pharmacy House and the one i’m currently watching Happiness. But I wouldn’t put my hopes up on it since the Writer is new for me.

Meanwhile, the press conference was just held for both dramas images below.

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Stars support World Cup through pictorials
Jung Kyung Ho

Obviously, it’s the World Cup fever especially in Korea. And it’s a delight to see these stars promote for the World Cup and show their support for their own country through media. Mostly through images, but singers also made music videos, CFs especially to promote the World Cup. An example of artists would be from above, Jung Kyu Ho, Lee Seung Gi, Skater Kim Yu-Na, Super Junior, 2PM, 2AM, Son Yeh Jin, Jang Shin Young and some more!

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Ratings Analysis [10.05.31-10.06.06]

(SBS, GIANT, Monday & Tuesday; 9:55PM)

It’s really surprising to see that another drama of the same timeslot is still achieving a double-digit rating while in fact its competitor is about to reach the 30% mark, i’m talking about MBC’s, Dong Yi. And yes, I need to start watching this melodrama already, the fact that Park Jin Hee is part of it and the child actors are the best, I do need the time to watch it.

(NOTE: Ratings are only for primetime dramas included as well listed in the Top 20 National & Seoul TV Ratings of TNS Media. Meaning, news, daily dramas, variety shows and documentaries are not included in this list. Timings are mentioned, as well as its competition in timeslot.)

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Choi Si Won and Jung Ryu Won are proud to be christians!
(Uploaded by JRW: “No shame no fear christians!!!! Gbs korea!!!)

I’m a follower of Jung Ryu Won and Choi Si Won’s twitter accounts, in which I find some very heartwarming and interesting images they upload to alert their fans. Seeing these images, especially from both, I feel so proud as well to share the gospel! Jung Ryu Won updates her twitter account with some encouragements as well and updates about her morning prayer meetings.

(NOTE: images are from Choi Shi Won and Jung Ryu Won’s twitter accounts respectively.)

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