Ratings Analysis [10.05.31-10.06.06]


(SBS, GIANT, Monday & Tuesday; 9:55PM)

It’s really surprising to see that another drama of the same timeslot is still achieving a double-digit rating while in fact its competitor is about to reach the 30% mark, i’m talking about MBC’s, Dong Yi. And yes, I need to start watching this melodrama already, the fact that Park Jin Hee is part of it and the child actors are the best, I do need the time to watch it.

(NOTE: Ratings are only for primetime dramas included as well listed in the Top 20 National & Seoul TV Ratings of TNS Media. Meaning, news, daily dramas, variety shows and documentaries are not included in this list. Timings are mentioned, as well as its competition in timeslot.)

Just in case some of you may not be aware of the timeslots now in KOREAN TV, check my previous week post.

Monday & Tuesday:


(SBS, Coffee House, Monday & Tuesday; 9:00PM)

If I were to recommend a drama currently airing, I have to give it to this drama, Coffee House. I’m glad i’m watching this drama, not only because of the eye-candy cast, the cute acting from Park Si Yeon, a decent start for K-POP artist, Eun Jung, a nice comeback for Kang Ji Hwan, and some good follow up directing from Pyo Min Soo. Everything is fit properly so far. But sadly the people of Korea isn’t appealing much to it but prefers the 9’o clock News. Episode 5 & 6 was able to both show up in the Top 20 TV ratings garnering, 9.7% (15th) and 9.3% (12th) respectively. Meanwhile, an hour after in the same station, SBS, GIANT is being strong and was able to show up on the Weekly Top 20 garnering, 15.5% (6th) and 17.0% (6th) for its 8th and 9th episode. We don’t what will happen if it’ll continue to garner such ratings considering that its direct competition, MBC’s Dong Yi garnering with, 25.1% (1st) and 26.6% (1st) for the 21st and 22nd episode, I smell an extension for this drama. I’m fed up with it if it’ll be so draggy. And still, KBS2’s Call of the Country is still weak with ratings not appearing on the Top 20.

Wednesday & Thursday:


(KBS2, Cinderella’s Sister, Wednesday & Thursday; 9:55PM)

This drama had already aired its finale and I have to admit that I was afraid I would see some spoilers about the ending while searching for pictures in daum. I have read so far that it was a disappointment, but I have to see it myself first for me to judge. Now, the last two episode was still leading, since last Wednesday, it was the only drama that aired because of the National Elections broadcast from MBC and SBS. Cinderella’s Sister received, 22.3% (1st) and 22.7% (1st) for its last two episode. And newcomer Bad Guy for its 3rd episode with, 12.2% (12th). While MBC, I Live Without Anything is still under the Top 20. I’m excited for MBC’s new mini-series, Running Shirt, which may air next week.

Saturday & Sunday (8PM):


(KBS2, Three Brothers, Saturday & Sunday; 8pm)

I just can’t find the reason why this drama is so popular, particularly, this timeslot is so popular. The fact that its draggy because of that lengthy extension, predictable storyline and so. Leading in the race with all dramas so far, KBS2’s Three Brothers with 35.6% (1st) and 41.4% (1st) for its 67th and 68th episode. The last two will air next week. While MBC’s Dandelion Family is obviously down under.

Saturday & Sunday (9PM):


(KBS Drama Special, Our Slightly Risque Relationship; Saturday, 9PM)

I think I still can’t recover from the first installment of the KBS Drama Special, Red Candy. This time, i’m anticipating this installment, because of the artists starring in it. Sadly it was not able to reach the Top 20 TV Ratings. While,SBS, Definitely Neighbors is still reigning and reaching 2nd place so far with. 20.5% (2nd) and 21.8% (3rd) for the 27th and 28th episode.

Saturday & Sunday (10PM):


(KBS1, Merchant Kim Man Deok, Saturday & Sunday; 10pm)

Life is Beautiful is still leading in the race with its 23rd and 24th episode with19.7% (4th) and 20.3% (4th). Merchant Kim Man Deok with 11.9% (8th) and 13.1% (6th) for Episodes 27 & 28. While, Kim Soo Ro with 11.5% (9th) and 9.9% (12th).


  • Three Brothers <수상한삼형제> (KBS2) episode 67 & 68 – 38.5%
  • Dong Yi <동이> (MBC) episode 21 & 22 – 25.9%
  • Cinderella’s Sister <신데렐라언니> (KBS2) episode 19 & 20 finale week – 22.5%
  • Definitely Neighbors <이웃집웬수> (SBS) episode 27 & 28 – 21.2%
  • Life is Beautiful <인생은아름다워> (SBS) episode 21 & 22 – 20.0%
  • GIANT <자이언트> (SBS) episode 8 & 9 – 16.3%

(NOTE: TV ratings are from TNS Media Ratings and complete English TV Ratings @ sooompi ‘Box Office and TV Ratings‘ thread.)

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