Stars support World Cup through pictorials
Jung Kyung Ho

Obviously, it’s the World Cup fever especially in Korea. And it’s a delight to see these stars promote for the World Cup and show their support for their own country through media. Mostly through images, but singers also made music videos, CFs especially to promote the World Cup. An example of artists would be from above, Jung Kyu Ho, Lee Seung Gi, Skater Kim Yu-Na, Super Junior, 2PM, 2AM, Son Yeh Jin, Jang Shin Young and some more!

Lee Seung Gi

Kim Yu-Na

Lee Seung Gi & Kim Yu-Na


Various artists.

[Credits: koreatimes]

Super Junior’s Victory, Korea! [credits to: SMent for the youtube video]

Kim Yu-Na and Lee Seung Gi’s Smile, Boy. [credits to: boarderM for the youtube video]

I find both songs to be catchy and cute and I can really feel that they are enjoying what they are doing. This post may be late since the World Cup has already started and Korea has just wowed people by defeating Greece, so it’s 2:0. Rating’s wise, the broadcast of the world cup had been very very successful, since the battle of South Korea & Greece received 50.3% (Nationwide) and 51.2% (Seoul). That’s just awesome, right?


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