Back-to-back upcoming weekend dramas

(Upcoming KBS2 Weekend drama, Please Marry Me)

Two new weekend dramas will be kicking off this 19th showcasing two different genres. The war drama, Comrades & the weekend family drama, Please Marry Me which is centered on four different couples living in one house and will show love, life of marriage, hardships and divorce as well.

With a cast that is precious featuring one of my favorites, Han Sang Jin (Temptation of Angel, Sons of Sol Pharmacy House), Oh Yoon Ah (God of Study) and veteran actor, Baek Il Sub (Still, Marry Me & Sons of Sol Pharmacy House). Cast also includes Lee Jong Hyuk (Chuno), Kim Jo Young & Go Doo Shim.I’ll be waiting for reviews first before I’ll step up and watch Please Marry Me as I do not want to waste my time again on another weekend nonsense like the just-ended trashy drama, Three Brothers. I’m hoping that this would be as fun as Sons of Sol Pharmacy House and the one i’m currently watching Happiness. But I wouldn’t put my hopes up on it since the Writer is new for me.

Meanwhile, the press conference was just held for both dramas images below.

Please Marry Me.


Please Marry Me will kick-off first on the 8PM timeslot of KBS2 and will be battling against MBC’s Dandelion Family and had replaced the just-ended, Three Brothers. While Comrades will be airing in KBS1 vacating Merchant Kim Man Deok and will be battling against Kim Soo Ro and Life is Beautiful at the 10PM timeslot. I can’t wait for Comrades and I hope Please Marry Me would be decent!

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