The Gumiho starts while Dong-Yi still leads

(KBS2, Gumiho: Fox’s Child)

I find it very rare to see all 4 dramas to be included in the Top 20 whenever one drama reaches the 30% mark. Remarkably, we have the new drama, Gumiho: Fox’s Child to be able to reach single ratings but considering the state of it’s predecessors it’s pretty decent. So we now have 1 contemporary drama, 2 sageuk dramas & 1 period drama for the Monday-Tuesday timeslot from the 3 big stations.

Which are still [in order] Dong Yi 동이, GIANT 자이언트, Gumiho: Fox’s Child 구미호여우누이뎐 & Coffee House 커피하우스. Here are the ratings for last Monday & Tuesday, July 5 & 6 of 2010. According to TNS Media Research for the whole Nationwide results & Seoul results as well.

MBC’s Jewel, Dong Yi has been consistent with breaking the 30% mark. And gave what the viewers had finally wished for, for it’s episode last Monday & Tuesday with the King & Dong-Yi finally kissing.

Episode 31 with 30.8% & 33.3%
Episode 32 with 31.3% & 33.8%

I’m at Episode 30 already, and still the drama has nothing to be fond of. It’s very typical, the secrets, mysteries being revealed aren’t to expect for. The only thing that’s interesting is the relationship of the King & Dong-Yi.

SBS’s 10PM timeslot with GIANT owning the 2nd place, with a stiff, consistent, 13%~15% and is on a head-to-head battle with Dong Yi. Comparing this series to DONG YI, I’ll pick this instead of the latter, why? GIANT is interesting in terms of its plot, but the characters aren’t much to look forward for. There’s no chemistry, for short.

Episode 15 with 13.8% & 13.2%
Episode 16 with 15.0% & 13.8%

KBS’s new thriller drama, Gumiho: Fox’s Child had a better start comparing the other KBS dramas, being able to reach the Top 20. And was not below 5% as well. I’ll be looking forward for this show. It’ll be the newest thriller installment in place of the Hometown Legends.

Episode 1 with 8.7% & 8.7%
Episode 2 with 8.8% & 8.5%

SBS’s 9PM timeslot battling against the news, had not been doing well. It’s in last place, but this drama is sweet and very funny. I truly recommend this show, a totally different blend of characters and a mystery on who the lead may really be. It’s so exciting and I just love this show so much. Sadly, the ratings and people of Korea prefers to watch the news on KBS1. But gladly it was part of the Top 20 list.

Episode 11 with 8.4% & 8.7%
Episode 12 with 8.0% & 8.2%

I’m so looking forward for next week’s results if it will still remain as all 4 dramas in the Top 20. or will Dong-Yi reach more or be consistent still?

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  1. Posted by cute girl on July 7, 2010 at 9:36 pm

    I don’t understand why the dramatic decreased in CH rating, they did very well at the start with the rating but now when things getting serious maybe people prefer to see the funny and the awkward Writer Lee than the loving and heartbreaking ^^


    • Did you notice that all my pics are kissing? haha. I only noticed it after posting it. And yessss!! Seeing the captures I got in daum awhile ago and that image, I want to watch it right away, and want the people of KOREA to watch them with me. COFFEE HOUSE is so AWESOME! Dong Yi is SO NOT! 😀


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