Who will lead the upcoming Mischievous Kiss?


(MBC, Mischievous Kiss; Korean remake of It Started with a Kiss)

So the whole K-entertainment world, including twitter, news portals, english blog sites had been wondering already on who will be play the leads on the most anticipated, Mischievous Kiss which will start very soon after Road No.1 on the Wednesday-Thursday block of MBC. The series has been popular from it’s original series, It Started with a Kiss. Now, it’s Korea’s time to fly. After the big success of Boys Over Flowers, Group 8 is back once again to produce this remake. And now, names are already flying around on who will play the male lead and female lead roles. And speculations are also here on who may take the role. Let’s see the names being attached. And who I want to see.


(From above; left~right: -Current SS501 leader, Kim Hyun Joong & Current CN BLUE leader, Jung Yong Hwa
From below; left~right: -KARA’s Seung Yeon, Park Bo-Young & Park Shin Hye)

So basically, we have mostly, all from idol groups. [Which I wish it won’t be full of them, please!] And it may be possible for SS501 leader, Kim Hyun Joong after his successful [can I say that?] role in Boys Over Flowers, plus he has already announced that he will leave his band mates, and had signed onto Bae Yong-Joon’s agency to focus on acting.

He’s kinda okay for the role? He didn’t do much in his previous drama, but be pale and be the silent type and all that. Here’s an article about his possible comeback for this drama (source):

Kim Hyun-joong in talks to star in new TV series

Korean singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong of idol group SS501 is rumored to star in an upcoming TV series based on popular Japanese comics “Itazurana Kiss.”

According to various media reports, the singer is currently talking with the show’s producers to play the male lead, who is smart, athletic and perfect in every way but has a cold personality.

But an official at production company Group 8 downplayed the rumor, saying “We are discussing it but nothing has been set.”

“We are in the final stage of negotiations but we cannot say anything at the present time. A decision will be made soon,” he added.

The original comic series “Itazurana Kiss,” which sold over 27 million copies in Japan, has been made into animation and TV dramas in Japan and Taiwan as well, where the local TV version scored the highest viewership rating for the year.

The local TV version will be helmed by Hwang In-roi, who previously directed “Goong” (MBC, 2006) and “The Return of Iljimae” (MBC, 2009), and adapted for the small screen by noted television writer Go Eun-nim.

The romantic comedy is scheduled to air on MBC after war drama “Road No.1” ends its run.

Reporter : Lynn Kim lynn2878@
Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim@
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Jung Yong Hwa another so called actor, has his name lifted on the possible candidates. But had already started denying to take up the role because of his busy schedule with the band and other commitments. It’s also possible that he won’t take this because he’s very focused on CN BLUE now. Comparing it to the You’re Beautiful days wherein his band wasn’t as popular as it is today. I wouldn’t wish him to be part of this. He has more to focus on, on his music career on my part though. (source)

Jung Yong-hwa being considered for numerous acting roles

Korean rock band CNBLUE’s leader Jung Yong-hwa is being considered for roles in upcoming dramas, movies and musicals, according to his agency FNC Music on Wednesday.

FNC announced in a press release that Jung has been offered five roles each in dramas and musicals, as well as two movie roles.

However, Jung is planning on focusing on his music career, promoting their latest release overseas through events in Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, China and other countries in the Asia region.

“Jung is thinking about making a decision on choosing a drama or movie in the latter half of the year because he wants to focus on his activities overseas right now,” an associate from FNC explained.

Jung, who gained popularity through his role in SBS hit TV series “Minamishineyo” last year alongside Hallyu stars Jang Keun-suk and Park Shin-hye, is the frontman for the boy band CNBLUE.

They recently released their second mini-album “BLUE LOVE” featuring the title track “LOVE” which has topped numerous online and offline music charts since its release in May 19.

He is currently appearing as a make-believe couple in MBC’s reality show “We Got Married” with Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun.

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Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim@
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We also have Lee Min-ho mentioned. But he had immediately denied that he will not take part in it. [Which is a good thing, his spotlight had already started, it’s good that he’s giving it to another person to have his own break.] [ARTICLE]

For the female lead issue. I just wish someone who’s cute would act for the role. And yes, I want to Park Bo Young to take part in this, Speed Scandal was so cute because of her as well. Plus she has acting experience comparing it to KARA’s Seung Yeon which had also denied taking part in it. But still no news if ever Park Shin Hye has given her side of the story also.

I wouldn’t trust on the statements of these people really. Whenever they are rumored to be casted, they’ll immediately announce that they won’t take part in it, then after a while, they confirm themselves. Which is pretty weird.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by nins on July 9, 2010 at 12:05 pm

    Omg, “cute girl” I sooo agree with Yoo Seung Ho. He’s one of my favorite actors, but not just because I’m a fangirl, I think he’s a great actor. I watch all his movies and I know he could pull that role off very well. I think I would not like to see Kim Bum as Irie-kun because I love to see him play “the nice guy” more-so than the mean and cold type of character Naoki Irie is.


  2. Posted by cute girl on July 7, 2010 at 9:33 pm

    Honestly thinking about it give me headache but I’m not with KHJ & JYH, WHY??? cuz their roles in YB & BOF has lots of similarity and its not a challenging roles thought they’re young and fresh but they have not much experience in acting as they have in singing, what we need now a young, fresh, handsome not only with these but also has an experience in acting and portraying different roles which I can see it in:

    – Kim Bum (김범): he did awesome in East of Eden in portraying the young DC, also not to mention that the real start for him was in BOF he got lots of fan and people know him more (who don’t love the soulmate ^^) also Dream and the effort he put as the naughty little boxing boy, Still, Marry Me was his last trip with dramas but as u watch and from the reviews he did awesome too SO he has a great experience for such a young actor to portray different characters nicely. Would SO love to see him in Playful Kiss TOO.

    – Yoo Seung Hoo (유승호): the little Ji Sup, no one can deny that he was fabulous and captured girls heart in God of Study ^^ , I believe also Queen Seon Duk was the turning point and the start for his real career, no PD would miss such a talent and so we saw him in God of Study, the young star would do awesome believe me if he got chosen in Playful Kiss, he have bee in movies and dramas in a young age and this year should be his yea too..

    I don’t see any other that these two who really deserve the roles.


    • I know! But seriously, I wouldn’t keep my doors closed for any other contenders. There’s a possibility that someone might be casted that was not mentioned in the rumor mill. And the for the ones you recommended, I seriously feel like Yoo Seung Ho would fit for it. As for KIM BUM, he should start taking something better than this drama, he has potential, but not in this field, that’s what I see.
      As for the ladies, my mind is set! Park Bo Young please! 😀


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