New stills from the upcoming dramas

We’ve got some new stills for the upcoming dramas, The Musical, Sungkyungwan Scandal & GLORIA. The three dramas have different blends, genres from each other. The Musical’s stills showed Goo Hye Sun & Ok Joo Hyun filming, Sungkyungwan Scandal’s new stills shows the looks of the cast & GLORIA showed the image Lee Chun Hee will be portraying for the show.

The Musical will feature the story of aspiring stars to be part of a musical. And it features top star, Goo Hye Sun (Boys Over Flowers), Daniel Choi (High Kick Through the Roof) & Ok Joo Hyun. While Sungkyungwan Scandal will feature the story of the ‘F4’ of the Joseon days, sageuk style. It’ll be featuring newbie Micky Yoochun of TVXQ, Song Joong Ki (OB & GYN). Yoo Ah In (He Who Can’t Marry) & Park Min Young (Running). And MBC will be airing their newest Weekend drama, GLORIA and it’ll be about the hardships Na Jin Jin will be facing to be able to survive with her handicapped sister, Na Jin Joo. An all-star cast for the drama with Bae Doo Na, Seo Ji Suk, Lee Chun Hee & So Yi Hyun. All came out from new dramas last 2009 and just recently, this 2010.tills

The moment I saw the name of Goo Hye Sun & Choi Daniel as possible lead candidates for this drama back then, I couldn’t wait already, and the title was already to expect for. It’s a different kind of drama once again, plus it features, GOO HYE SUN! A great comeback for her indeed! My expectations are up so much. Production staff for the drama is still unknown, but we’ll see further developments. Stills for the upcoming drama, The Musical.

Next on the list would be the upcoming sageuk-idol drama, [is that nice to hear?] Sungkyungwan Scandal. The stills doesn’t show anything yet though. I’ll be keeping my eye on this, but I just wish some decent acting would be attached on this. I’m not a fan of Yoo Ah In, but I watched both of his previous dramas, his performance was so-so, but in Strongest Chil Woo it was probably, okay? While, Song Joong Ki is one of the cast I’m looking forward for. And I just wish I won’t cringe on the newbie Micky Yoochun’s parts. As for Park Min Young, let’s see. Stills for the upcoming drama, Sunkyungwan Scandal.

The next up is GLORIA from MBC. Let me repeat this, I’m looking forward for this show. PD & Writer are okay, the cast is lovely and to look forward for. If it only isn’t 50 episodes I wouldn’t have doubts with it. but let’s have hope, shall we? I’ve heard some good reviews for Family Honor. Stills for the upcoming drama, GLORIA.

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