Seoul Drama Awards 2010

(Lee Chae Young strutting cloth)

(SIDE NOTE: Like what I said on twitter, YAWZA on that dress! And yeah, everyone was ‘all-eyes’ on her. So this was a party, yeah!)

Just now, the Seoul Drama Awards 2010, it would be the 5th already, was just held at the KBS Hall in Yeouido. Announcing the winners at the POLL that was held at the internet for international dramas including Korea’s.
It was a star-studded night with top stars from the nominated dramas had graced the event. Images & Winners list below:


Best Mini-series (HIGHEST): Chuno KBS2
Best Featured Drama (HIGHEST): Queen Seon Duk MBC
Hallyu Drama Daesang: Chuno KBS2
Hallyu Star Male Actor: Jang Hyuk for Chuno
Hallyu Star Female Actresses: Go Hyun Jung (Queen Seon Duk) & Han Hyo Joo (Brilliant Legacy)
Hally Drama Director: Kwak Jung Hwan for Chuno
Hallyu Drama Writer: Kim Young Hyun for Queen Seon Duk
Most Popular Actor: Lee Seung Gi for Brilliant Legacy
Most Popular Actress: Moon Chae Won for Brilliant Legacy

Japanese Idol Group, SKE48

K-POP group 2AM

Cha Ye-Ryun

Joseon X-Files star, Kim Ji Hoon

One of the nominated stars and a winner, Jang Hyuk for the January hit Chuno.

Chuno PD, Kwak Jung Hwan with Jang Hyuk.

Lee In Hye

Oh Ji Eun

Star, Lee Chae Young

Oh Se Joon & Han Ji Min

Choi Soo Jong & Choi Yoon Yong

PD Kwak Jung Hwan wins Hallyu Drama Director

Kim Young Hyun, writer of Queen Seonduk winner for Hallyu Drama Writer

Baek Ji Young sings the OST of IRIS

Lee Seung Gi accepts award for Most Popular Actor for Brilliant Legacy


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by thena on October 24, 2010 at 8:10 pm

    Kim Ji Hoon very cuter .


  2. Posted by therainhouse on September 11, 2010 at 10:18 pm

    Lee In Hye. I liked her dress too, but something about the strap at her back bothered me. I like the design but the material looks itchy. I can just imagine Lee In Hye trying to refrain from scratching herself when walked the red carpet. Pretty, though. Her make up was nicely done too. She looked fresh and rosy, totally worked the nude lips. About the guys… For me, Lee Seung Gi and Kim Ji Hoo tie. Don’t you just love men in tuxedos? =)


  3. Posted by therainhouse on September 11, 2010 at 8:57 pm

    @ sayroo, if you could give a Best Dressed Award to 1 star on this list? Who would it be? Male or female.

    I have to say, Lee Chae Young really took a risk with that dress. Her nipples could have been exposed if she wasn’t careful. It was daring and it was dangerous but the design’s quite nice, perhaps it would look even better if she were a little more flat-chested. That kind of dress always looks good on those who are not so … well-endowed.
    Like Keira Knightley. .

    I personally like Baek Ji Young’s dress. She looked like a fairy. Like a fairy princess or a fairy godmother or an elf. I thought Oh Ji Eun looked very classy. Not too much cleavage. And she was tall enough to carry it well.


    • Hey, therainhouse! Thank you for the visit and that insight!
      As for a Best Dress Award, I’ll be giving it to Lee In Hye, she’s a pretty face but she was able to work out that dress. As for the male part, Lee Seung-Gi looks much stylish with his suit.


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