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Happiness [First half comments]

If you are one of my followers in twitter I guess you would be aware of how much I’m gushing over this weekend drama. And it’s a delight that I jumped right onto the wagon and watched it even though it aired 2 years ago and it’s extremely long, I have to say so far, it’s worth it and I’m glad I’m watching this two years after for me to be able to marathon it in consecutively boring days and to replace the drought the 2010 airing dramas has given me so far. Let’s place a little simple & brief introduction about what this drama is all about first.

[Please note that the coverage of this review will only be for Episodes 1-29, as I have a lot to rant about this long long weekend drama.]

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The Mid-week dramas

Personal Taste (MBC)Cinderella's Sister (KBS2)Prosecutor Princess (SBS)

(Personal Taste, Cinderella’s Sister, Prosecutor Princess)

How time flies? I can still remember the time in which I was digging for some news about these mid-week dramas, reading and anticipating the first episode reviews of my favorite bloggers and so. And now the two had reached to its finish line while the other will be ending this week. But to say it all very simply, Personal Taste was a big disappointment, considering the much anticipation it gave, having a decent cast and so. While Cinderella’s Sister is picking up little by little and Prosecutor Princess is getting more and more confusing but still on the level of cute.

(NOTE: I’ve just finished the 14th episode of all of these dramas, and i’ll be watching the last two of Personal Taste and Prosecutor Princess very soon. My comments are only based on what I have seen.)

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Still, Marry Me: General Comments [Part 1]

I guess just merely tweeting and posting up a short comment on its soompi thread was not enough for me to show how much I had loved and still in love with this drama! And because of this drama, it gave me a will to start blogging once again. I do hope that this time, I had improved, after several months of taking a break from my crappy writing, I now know the real essence of blogging. It’s how you enjoy it, not just merely saying you had posted something about it.

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Drama Watch (Part 7)

(Lee Dong Gun, Kim Ha Neul & Kim Seung Soo)

I was reading the comments on the soompi thread of this drama. Read so many comments that it’s ending was very bad because of what happened with Kim Seung Soo. And with Lee Dong Gun-Kim Ha Neul. I have to say that it wasn’t really bad. KDramas are the ones I usually watch that doesn’t give much happy endings since it’s mainly based on what may really happen in real life. I like it that way instead of being a fairytale over and over again. Yurihwa a.k.a Stained Glass an SBS 2004 classic for Drama Watch~.

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Drama Watch (Part 6)

GH2 (The Cast of General Hospital 2)

The drama that replaced Beethoven Virus. Aired last November 19, 2008. It also had successful ratings. Since we can’t consider it’s a flaw. Peak was 19.1% on both 13th and 17th Episode. It is also the sequel of the 1994 drama, General Hospital. Which had original actors that are still in General Hospital 2. Drama Watch Part 6 is for General Hospital 2 쒅합병원 2.

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Drama Watch (Part 5)


Terroir~ The drama that was titled as the first drama all about Wine. It had filmed in Bordeaux, France. Had a very large amount of production. But unluckily, it wasn’t SBS’s best drama in terms of ratings. Since it had been a flop in it’s ratings. Since it was against the MBC Mammoth, East of Eden and KBS2’s, Worlds Within (not much of a threat for Terroir) and behemoth, Boys Over Flowers. It didn’t attract much viewers although it had scenes in France. Drama Watch Part 5 is for Terroir~

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Drama Watch (Part 4)

(Found that banner in soompi thread of this drama–thanks!)

Another SBS 2004 Drama. Also, one of the ‘firsts’ dramas for me. Very tragic and the song by Edward Chun is great! The song is still on my head after all these years. And this drama was exempted from the rule that comedy-romance genre only! πŸ™‚ Save The Last Dance For Me λ§ˆμ§€λ§‰ 좀은 λ‚˜μ™€ ν•¨κ»˜ had been great in terms of it’s story.

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