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Brilliant Legacy Episode 16


(Aaah, Yeah! I want that to happen soon. Guess soon can be the 20’s?)

I’m sure some of you here are kinda thankful for my low quality early captures. Since yeah, it’s currently number one in my most read. The three posts are my top three. Yet, I’m amaze with the magic of the drama. I decided to stop watching it live in TVAnts as it ruins the mood of the drama when watching it for the 2nd time. Watching it in low quality, then downloading it for it to be watched clearly and sometimes I have to edit it. So, watching it at least 3-4 times isn’t very fun. So, decided to quit doing early captures. Instead, i’ll rant about it. I won’t do it in a daily basis or recapping every episode as it’s excitement can’t be brought through reading, it’s through watching. Let’s take it lightly. As I get prepared for the other drama I’m planning to recap. πŸ™‚ For now, enjoy the light story of Brilliant Legacy Episode 16. πŸ™‚

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That Fool Episodes 8 & 9


I promised myself that I won’t let my addiction for this episode show. But it was too powerful and I had to share it and recap it and give out some thoughts, since Han Ji Soo is starting to give me the “Wohoo!” on her character! πŸ™‚ Less captures for my recaps as, I take too much time capping than writing. ^^

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That Fool Episode 5


Episode 5.. Aah. The best. Still. Hwang Jung Min! Idol! Idol! Idol! idol! πŸ™‚ Han Ji Soo became an angel here! Finally, she was being nice with Dong-Baek.. Funny episode as always. Dong-Baek is the hearthrob for this episode.

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That Fool Episode 4


I was watching Episode 4 already just awhile ago.. managed to chat it down and start doing this maybe. πŸ™‚ Since it’s my favorite episode so far. Will do maybe the same thing with Brilliant Legacy~

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