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Actresses attended the vogue fashion’s night out

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(Park Ye Jin strikes a pose for the red carpet of VOGUE’s fashion’s night out)

Okay, you may be wondering if I’m into vogue or fashion or anything. But these are just images of one of the hottest ladies of Korea. haha. I’m weak, so I apologize. Images below shows variety of actresses attending the said event. Without further ado, the hotness ladies.

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Stars support World Cup through pictorials
Jung Kyung Ho

Obviously, it’s the World Cup fever especially in Korea. And it’s a delight to see these stars promote for the World Cup and show their support for their own country through media. Mostly through images, but singers also made music videos, CFs especially to promote the World Cup. An example of artists would be from above, Jung Kyu Ho, Lee Seung Gi, Skater Kim Yu-Na, Super Junior, 2PM, 2AM, Son Yeh Jin, Jang Shin Young and some more!

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Choi Si Won and Jung Ryu Won are proud to be christians!
(Uploaded by JRW: “No shame no fear christians!!!! Gbs korea!!!)

I’m a follower of Jung Ryu Won and Choi Si Won’s twitter accounts, in which I find some very heartwarming and interesting images they upload to alert their fans. Seeing these images, especially from both, I feel so proud as well to share the gospel! Jung Ryu Won updates her twitter account with some encouragements as well and updates about her morning prayer meetings.

(NOTE: images are from Choi Shi Won and Jung Ryu Won’s twitter accounts respectively.)

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A glimpse of Dahae in HK


Pics of Dahae in her trip or probably stay in Hong Kong, was posted in her cyworld~ I have to post here! Aigoo!! Many thanks to maccay @ LDH soompi thread for posting it there. Her cyworld was full of cobwebs before! LOL! But now it’s alive! More pics of her bubblines can be found in this post~

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Kim So Eun International Forum & Cyworld Pics!


That’s from Kim So Eun’s cyworld. The two worked together in an MV. Image also was from her official international forum! Which opened just today (June 15, 2009). I’ll give you a tour with her International forum and more cyworld pics~

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Dahae & Rain in a HK Fashion Show


Pics are moslt for Lee Da Hae. You can find rain’s pics in his thread. found the pics in her thread since the Korean Media didn’t bother posting it in there site. It was all in the Chinese Media Sites. And would like to thank the girls in her soompi thread. Those people are always helpful as ever! 🙂

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Da Hae & Rain spotted at the airport

(Rain & Lee Da Hae)

Some pics of Lee Da Hae and Rain at the airport for their fashion show that was held awhile ago. Just to inform yoyu, these images maybe from this morning or yesterday or maybe the day before. I’m still waiting for the fashion show pics. Daum nor Yahoo Korea still not has it. Have some couple but it’s less. Will post them when I find them~

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