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Movie Watch (Part 3)


Decided to do this (Gosa) first before doing the other (Tale of Two Sisters). Since I liked this movie. and the other was.. (later). Better do the good first before the bad. Okay, one of the successful movies of 2008. Great horror/thriller drama! Kim Bum & Nam Gyu Ri, both were young yet I was surprised to see them with such roles! Horror Movie is for Movie Watch Part 3, Gosa/Deatbell~

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Movie Watch (Part 2)

Shin ssi

The lovely Han Ye Seul. Anyone fell in love with her in Fantasy Couple? I know I was! Okay, just a mere introduction about the story. Han Ye Seul is a player here. One we call,’Gold Digger’ That’s why the movie’s title is Miss Gold Digger some name it as Miss Shin. Judging from that banner. It really is Miss Shin. A 2007 movie that garnered awards for her great performance (as always!) in this movie. Movie Watch Part 2~

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Movie Watch (Part 1)


We have Drama Watch and Movie Watch is here too! First I present, the hit last Christmas in Korea, Speed Scandal! If anyone have watched this already, read this with me! ^^ Enjoy the wonderful images I’ll show! Speed Scandal Movie Watch Open~

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