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Upcoming dramas about Presidency

So I just came across this really interesting article about the two upcoming dramas for KBS2 & SBS with the titles ‘President’ and ‘Dae Mul / Big Fish’ respectively. Indeed, the last quarter of 2010 will become politically interesting with these two dramas coming in our way to show us the drama behind one of the highest position a country may have. See article on the full post.

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Dramas to anticipate this 3rd & 4th quarter of 2010

So far, how was the 1st & 2nd quarter of 2010 had treated you? Were one of your all-time favorites aired last two quarters? It’s such a surprise that we’re already at the mid-year of 2010 and we’ve left so much 2010 dramas already. And the list of the scheduled dramas to air for the 3rd & 4th quarter had given us a glimpse already on what they will air.

To sum it all up, this post will contain all of the new dramas that’ll be airing that covers this July~November, not yet confirmed but this is a press release only and changes may be made causing delay of filming, casting and some dramas with no schedule on when to air as well. Let’s wish this 3rd & 4th quarter would bring us more great dramas and better storylines, don’t we all wish that?

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New stills from the upcoming dramas

We’ve got some new stills for the upcoming dramas, The Musical, Sungkyungwan Scandal & GLORIA. The three dramas have different blends, genres from each other. The Musical’s stills showed Goo Hye Sun & Ok Joo Hyun filming, Sungkyungwan Scandal’s new stills shows the looks of the cast & GLORIA showed the image Lee Chun Hee will be portraying for the show.

The Musical will feature the story of aspiring stars to be part of a musical. And it features top star, Goo Hye Sun (Boys Over Flowers), Daniel Choi (High Kick Through the Roof) & Ok Joo Hyun. While Sungkyungwan Scandal will feature the story of the ‘F4’ of the Joseon days, sageuk style. It’ll be featuring newbie Micky Yoochun of TVXQ, Song Joong Ki (OB & GYN). Yoo Ah In (He Who Can’t Marry) & Park Min Young (Running). And MBC will be airing their newest Weekend drama, GLORIA and it’ll be about the hardships Na Jin Jin will be facing to be able to survive with her handicapped sister, Na Jin Joo. An all-star cast for the drama with Bae Doo Na, Seo Ji Suk, Lee Chun Hee & So Yi Hyun. All came out from new dramas last 2009 and just recently, this 2010.tills

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Who will lead the upcoming Mischievous Kiss?

(MBC, Mischievous Kiss; Korean remake of It Started with a Kiss)

So the whole K-entertainment world, including twitter, news portals, english blog sites had been wondering already on who will be play the leads on the most anticipated, Mischievous Kiss which will start very soon after Road No.1 on the Wednesday-Thursday block of MBC. The series has been popular from it’s original series, It Started with a Kiss. Now, it’s Korea’s time to fly. After the big success of Boys Over Flowers, Group 8 is back once again to produce this remake. And now, names are already flying around on who will play the male lead and female lead roles. And speculations are also here on who may take the role. Let’s see the names being attached. And who I want to see.

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Back-to-back upcoming weekend dramas

(Upcoming KBS2 Weekend drama, Please Marry Me)

Two new weekend dramas will be kicking off this 19th showcasing two different genres. The war drama, Comrades & the weekend family drama, Please Marry Me which is centered on four different couples living in one house and will show love, life of marriage, hardships and divorce as well.

With a cast that is precious featuring one of my favorites, Han Sang Jin (Temptation of Angel, Sons of Sol Pharmacy House), Oh Yoon Ah (God of Study) and veteran actor, Baek Il Sub (Still, Marry Me & Sons of Sol Pharmacy House). Cast also includes Lee Jong Hyuk (Chuno), Kim Jo Young & Go Doo Shim.I’ll be waiting for reviews first before I’ll step up and watch Please Marry Me as I do not want to waste my time again on another weekend nonsense like the just-ended trashy drama, Three Brothers. I’m hoping that this would be as fun as Sons of Sol Pharmacy House and the one i’m currently watching Happiness. But I wouldn’t put my hopes up on it since the Writer is new for me.

Meanwhile, the press conference was just held for both dramas images below.

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War dramas of 2010

(KBS1, Comrades; June 19, 2010)

The Korean TV will be bringing a new taste of genre for the year of 2010. MBC and KBS1 are both scheduled to air their own war-themed dramas this month of June. Trailers and posters from both dramas can be found in this post! I’m looking forward for some action themed dramas! The other will be focused on the war itself while the other will focus on the events and the love story revolving the people involved.

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Friend’s Legend to begin soon


Tons of Official Poster were released by MBC for the upcoming drama, Friend, Our Legend. That’s scheduled to replace dissapointing Strike Love on the late Weekend timeslot. Friend, Our Legend is the drama version of the hit movie “Friends” that starred, Jang Dong Gun. High expectations are for the drama as it represents on how great the movie itself is. Let’s just see if it will be a hit in Korea or will it follow the ratings of Strike Love.

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