These are my ratings for the dramas that I have watched so far on how much I have enjoyed them, thus this doesn’t reflect the quality of the drama as is, it’s only my own basis. I can remember how much I’ve enjoyed a drama, how much it disappoint me and thankfully there weren’t a lot. Please remember that the bold ones are the ones I’m still currently watching and rated on how I enjoy them currently on the episode wherein I am currently in.

1 lowest = 10 highest.

Contemporary / Modern dramas:

A Man’s Story
남자이야기 = 9

KID says:
Great music, directing and acting.
Plot was a little messy but enjoyable.
Totally underrated.

Bad Guy / Bad Boy
나쁜남자 = 5

KID says:
The ending wiped off all the enjoyment I had.
But the drama had potential if it just ended wisely.

Beethoven Virus
베토벤 바이러스 = 8

KID says:
Kim Myung Min was amazing in this show,
but Lee Ji Ah was a mess. I expected a lot
from this show but none of it came true,
yet it was fun and amusing.

Boys Over Flowers
꽃보다 남자 = 8

KID says:
A truly enjoyable chick-flick show,
but this was truly just a remake of the original.
Watch it for the eyes, not for the brain.

Cain and Abel
카인과 아벨 = 6

KID says:
Utterly entertaining at the start,
but became boring, repetitive and nonsense
at the end that the passion was lost.
But Han Ji Min was cute.

Call of the Country
국가가 부른다  = 5

KID says:
So far, boring and corny.

Cinderella’s Sister
신데렐라 언니 = 7

KID says:
Weak start, but developed very well at the latter part.
Though it became really confusing
because of thedevelopment of plots.

Cloud Stairway
구름계단 = 7

KID says:
Watched it for Han Ji Hye but the soundtrack
and the romance part was attractive and fun to watch.

Coffee House
커피하우스 = 9

KID says:
Witty and fun. A very enjoyable show,
a cute chemistry from the leads and everyone
pulled off a great & funny performance.

Coffee Prince
커피프린스 1호점 = 8

KID says:
The too much fuss about it killed the
enjoyment over it. But it was really really funny.
Though I just wish there were more
moments where YEH wasn’t cross-dressing.

Dal Ja’s Spring
달자의 봄 = 9

KID says:
Chae Rim absolutely did an awesome
job as the witty, Dal-Ja. She and Lee Min Ki
had a very awesome chemistry. The situations
were funny as well. Plot was easily understood.

Dream 드림 = 4

KID says:
I watched it for Son Dam-Bi but ended up hating
the whole show because it was purely nonsense.
Jerry Maguire was enough,
no need for this Korean remake.

Fantasy Couple
환상의 커플 = 9

KID says:
A precious drama that gave hope to Han Ye-Seul.
It was fun and the plot was amazing.
Chemistry was not too much to look forward,
but it was developed romantically well.
Full House

Full House 풀하우스 = 10

KID says:
Watched it many times but it
was still funny. Rain and Song Hye-Kyo
were a cute and funny couple.

God of Study
공부의 신 = 5

KID says:
The bonding of the kids and the
puppy love was nice, but it only reminded
me to study. I don’t need that in a drama.

Green Rose
그린 로즈 = 7

KID says:
Proved so much that Lee Da-Hae
is very talented. Lee Jong-Hyuk was crazy and scary,
but it was very melodramatic.

Harvest Villa
위기일발 풍년빌라 = 6

KID says:
A very disappointing show.
The secrets became too much, I was
leaning to funny but it went to inhumane.

He Who Can’t Marry
결혼 못하는 남자 = 8

KID says:
Uhm Jung-Hwa was the perfect ahjumma,
Ji Jin-Hee has proved its worth,
Kim So-Eun was a hidden talent.
But never compare it to the original.

Hello! Miss
헬로 애기씨 = 5

KID says:
Lee Da-Hae’s talent was once wasted.
A bad comeback for her after My Girl.
What was this show about? Tss..

I Am Legend
나는 전설이다 = 7

KID says:
Quirky ahjummas, refreshing new music
and to top it all, Kim Jung-Eun? SOLD!

I Hate You, But Let’s Try Again
미워도 다시 한번 = 4

KID says:
Entertaining at the start but lost
its thunder at the middle and the end.

IRIS 아이리스 = 7

KID says:
This proves that Action has to be
well-developed on the K-entertainment.
The production team was too greedy to
achieve so much. I just wish it ended at Episode 17.

Love Marriage
연애결혼 = 7

KID says:
It’s very romantic and sweet,
despite the lack of chemistry between the leads.
And the supporting roles were also interesting.

Lovers in Paris
파리의연인 = 8

KID says:
One of the reasons why a romantic-comedy
drama is sweet. Kim Jung Eun was to look
forward, so is Park Shin Yang.

My Fair Lady
아가씨를 부탁해 = 4

KID says:
Totally nonsense. YEH was a big mess,
so was the nonsense chemistry.
Moon Chae Won & Jung Il Woo was
only the real cute couple here.

My Girl 마이걸 = 10

KID says:
The more I watch it, the more I get addicted.
One of the best chemistry in all dramas.
A classic Hong Sisters fun drama.

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
내 여자친구는 구미호 = 9

KID says:
First two episodes was fun so far.

My Sister-in-law is 19
형수님은 열아홉 = 8

KID says:
It’s simply fun and that’s it.

OB & GYN Doctors
산부인과 여의사 = 8

KID says:
The romantic storyline was very well developed.
The medical story as well wasn’t that boring.
The show is informative and the
cast’s chemistry was awesome.

Oh! My Lady
오! 마이 레이디 = 8

KID says:
The love story was very cute. But the story
just stayed cute, it didn’t develop well.

One Fine Day
어느 멋진 날 = 6

KID says:
One of the dramas that I didn’t expect to hate.
The plot was messy and seriously crazy.

One Mom and Three Dads
아빠셋 엄마하나 = 7

KID says:
Simple and cute.
All three men was a asset of enjoyment.

Only You 온리유 = 4

KID says:
This doesn’t just work.
Food and so much complicated stuff?
I wish I can just eat this up.

Partner 파트너 = 8

KID says:
Kim Hyun Joo was always to look forward.
Pairing her with Lee Dong Wook
just made it much better.

Pasta 파스타 = 7

KID says:
It was breezy and fun but it suddenly was ruined.

Personal Taste
개인의 취향 = 6

KID says:
Repetitive music, predictable storylines.
One of the most disappointing dramas for 2010.

Princess Hours / Goong
궁 = 9

KID says:
Funny and story is addicting.
YEH was really cute and had an
amazing chemistry with the cast.

Prosecutor Princess
검사 프린세스 = 8

KID says:
Kim So Yeon’s portrayal of Ma Hye Ri
was really entertaining, so is her lovelines
with both men. But the conflicts
and secrets were confusing.

Robbers 불한당 = 4

KID says:
The plot is really really not that developed.
But luckily, the two acted really well but
even that wasn’t quite enough to be satisfactory.

Sad Love Song
슬픈연가 = 3

KID says:
One of the most depressing love stories ever.
Never watch this when you’re sad.
It’s really horribly sad.

Save the Last Dance for Me
마지막 춤은 나와 함께 = 8

KID says:
Eugene and Ji-Sung had the best sweet moments.
Soundtrack and story was great as well.

Snow Queen
눈의 여왕 = 8

KID says:
The show is depressing in a better way.
Sung Yu-Ri was really cute in her own world.

Soul 혼 = 7

KID says:
I expected horror, but I got nausea instead.
Really didn’t scare me, it was only momentarily.

Stained Glass
유리화 = 6

KID says:
Another kind of drama where the ending
was not worth every single time that was used.
But Kim Ha-Neul and Lee Dong-Gun
together were an awesome pair.

Stairway to Heaven
천국의 계단 = 2

KID says:
Too tragic and it isn’t just right.

Star’s Echo
별의 소리 = 8

KID says:
Very short and sweet. Nothing complicated.
Lee Da-Hae was feisty though.

Star’s Lover
스타의 연인 = 8

KID says:
One of the most sweet shows ever.
This proved that a soundtrack can be
enjoyable when used right.
Still Marry Me

Still, Marry Me
아직도 결혼하고 싶은 여자 = 10

KID says:
One of the best so far in terms of funny situations,
witty lines & romantic storylines.

Swallow the Sun
태양을 삼켜라 = 4

KID says:
Totally nonsense.
Everything was running in circles.

Sweet 18
낭랑18세 = 8

KID says:
As the title suggests, it’s really sweet, so is the couple.

Temptation of an Angel
천사의 유혹 = 8

KID says:
It’s terribly bad that’s why it’s freakin’ fun.
Lee So Yeon was terribly awesome acting in it.
And her chemistry with Bae Soo Bin was something.
That Fool

That Fool 그바보 = 10

KID says:
Acting-wise, incredibly awesome!
Comedy & Chemistry really connected.

Triple 트리플 = 6

KID says:
Started great and breezy but nothing developed.

Who Are You?
누구세요? = 9

KID says:
Just looking at the image, feelings came rushing back.
Yoon Kye Sang’s performance was fair and funny.

Will it Snow for Christmas?
크리스마스에 눈이 올까요? = 8

KID says:
A terrific melodrama with complicated situations.
The supporting characters kinda ruined the show,
but the romance would make you leap back on.

Wish Upon a Star
별을 따다 줘 = 8

KID says:
The kids are the best part of the show,
and surprisingly got better every episode.

Witch Yoo Hee
마녀유희 = 7

KID says:
It’s really hilarious, Jae Hee proved to be great again.
But the number of male supporting characters just
made it really complicated to handle the conflicts.

Worlds Within
그들이 사는 세상 = 9

KID says:
Simply breathe taking, so is the characters.
I ended up loving all of the characters and the story.
It really was well-written and well-done.

You’re Beautiful
미남이시네요 = 10

KID says:
It’s quirky and the songs are really great.
Every bit of development was to look forward.

Period dramas:

Baker King, Kim Tag Gu
제빵왕 김탁구 = 5

KID says:
Very makjang like.

Capital Scandal
경성스캔들 = 8

KID says:
It’s enjoyable, both the leads are comically great.
And the second-fiddle characters really
did an awesome job, I felt really sorry for them.

전우 = 8

KID says:
The show kicked off great and totally got me.
It has the perfect amount of everything.

East of Eden
에덴의 동쪽 = 4

KID says:
If only Lee Da Hae were not in it, I wouldn’t
waste my time on this nonsense.

자이언트 = 8

KID says:
It lead to something greater when it started.
So far, so good. Let’s wish it will be consistent.

Sageuk / Historical dramas:

Conspiracy in the Court
한성별곡 = 9

KID says:
It’s really really heart whelming.
I know some say it were perfect, but the too much
political stuffs really killed it off for me.

Dong Yi
동이 = 5

KID says:
I can’t get the fuss about it. There’s really nothing
special about it to go crazy around the drama.

Empress Chun Chu
천추태후 = 5

KID says:
The longer it got, the more nonsense it gets.
The childhood stories were really great,
but lost so much at the middle part.

Hometown Legends 2008
전설의고향 = 5

KID says:
Again, it wasn’t scary. It was just plain boring.

Hong Gil Dong
쾌도 홍길동 = 9

KID says:
It’s entertaining, fun and I don’t care
what they say, but I love this kind of story
in a historical series.

Iljimae (SBS)
일지매 = 9

KID says:
I totally saw another version of sageuk
shows after watching this.
It was truly beautiful, but the ending
slightly broke my feelings for it.

Kingdom of the Winds
바람의 나라 = 6

KID says:
Why did I even bother watching this?
Jumong was a yawn fest, and so is this.

Queen Seon Duk
선덕여왕 = 8

KID says:
This is entertaining. It may not have been
what I expected to be. But I enjoyed watching
the whole show. But terrible acting from Lee Yo Won.

Slave Hunters / Chuno
추노 = 9

KID says:
The hype was truly worth it.
This is exquisitely beautiful and
a piece ofart in terms of directing.
But I think the writer messed it up?

Strongest Chil Woo
최강칠우 = 5

KID says:
I was suddenly blinded by the heroic scenes.
But it got boring and boring after each episode runs.

Sungkyungwan Scandal
성균관 스캔들 = 7

KID says:
Adorable chemistry and the cast are lovely.

Weekend dramas:

Assorted Gems
보석비빔밥 = 7

KID says:
I guess I had my expectation too much on it.
That I was disappointed with the outcome.
But it is really funny and an enjoyable long show.

Brilliant Legacy
찬란한 유산 = 10

KID says:
Don’t even get me started with the romance,
the wonderful cast, the well-written situations,
and the all out characters that were produced.

Creating Destiny
인연 만들기 = 6

KID says:
I don’t know if it was cancer that destroyed this show,
but it suddenly flipped when it got really draggy.
Too bad, it was enjoyable on the start of its run.

글로리아 = 7

KID says:
Exceptional cast and strong development of
characters. So far, the show is fun and exciting.

행복합니다 = 10

KID says:
A truly unexpected response from me.
It had given me the hope to give another chance
for long dramas. It was fun, exciting and it’s different.

Hot Blood
열혈장사꾼 = 4

KID says:
I mean, why did I even bother watching it?
It’s really a pile of trash with nothing in it.

Job Well Done
잘했군 잘했어 = 8

KID says:
I adored the supporting cast so much,
despite the crazy situations it gave me.
It was disappointing but I still love the cast.

Last Scandal of my Life
내 생애 마지막 스캔들 = 8

KID says:
The show gave exceptional comedy.
But Choi Jin Shil’s portrayal didn’t convince me
enough to be attached to her.

Loving You a Thousand Times
천만번 사랑해 = 4

KID says:
This show is twisted, crazy and I think
it shouldn’t be recommended.

Please Marry Me
= 6

KID says:
It gets uglier and uglier every episode.
I’m sticking in because I feel that there
will be developments after every horrible thing.

Smile, You
그대, 웃어요 = 8

KID says:
I was so surprised that something this long,
was able to maintain its sweetness the whole run.
It’s really really cute. But some tends to be hateful.

Sons of Sol Pharmacy House
솔약국집 아들들 = 9

KID says:
Truly a different blend than the other shows.
This was funny in terms of both dialogue and
situations. It wasn’t corny nor overacting.
Triple 트리플 = 6

4 responses to this post.

  1. Ooh, how’s Queen Seondeok?? I’ve heard only great things about that drama, but I’m pretty tied up with BL, JL, CH, ROI, and Triple. I still need to catch up of A Man’s Story and He Who Can’t Get Married too, gawwwddd..

    Man, I LOVE 2009! So many dramas so little time!


  2. Posted by ripgal on June 15, 2009 at 4:21 pm

    Hi sayroo,

    Thanx for your comment on my blog.
    Didn’t know you had yours up too, and way ahead of me! XD

    Anywayz, you’re amazing..
    You watch so many dramas and fansub as well..

    Crazy crazy!


  3. Posted by sayroo on June 4, 2009 at 4:58 pm

    Hi, elise!
    Thanks for those encouraging words..
    I, too am addicted with That Fool. Episode 11 seems interesting, from what I’ve saw last night.
    Hope to see you here more. 🙂


  4. Posted by elise on June 4, 2009 at 8:35 am

    i am currently hooked on That Fool. It keeps getting better….Hwang Jung Min is a brilliant actor. Currently waiting for Episode 11 to be subbed… thanks for your wonderful posts, btw. This is my first time here in your blog! Keep on writing!


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