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Dramas to anticipate this 3rd & 4th quarter of 2010

So far, how was the 1st & 2nd quarter of 2010 had treated you? Were one of your all-time favorites aired last two quarters? It’s such a surprise that we’re already at the mid-year of 2010 and we’ve left so much 2010 dramas already. And the list of the scheduled dramas to air for the 3rd & 4th quarter had given us a glimpse already on what they will air.

To sum it all up, this post will contain all of the new dramas that’ll be airing that covers this July~November, not yet confirmed but this is a press release only and changes may be made causing delay of filming, casting and some dramas with no schedule on when to air as well. Let’s wish this 3rd & 4th quarter would bring us more great dramas and better storylines, don’t we all wish that?

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Choi Si Won and Jung Ryu Won are proud to be christians!
(Uploaded by JRW: “No shame no fear christians!!!! Gbs korea!!!)

I’m a follower of Jung Ryu Won and Choi Si Won’s twitter accounts, in which I find some very heartwarming and interesting images they upload to alert their fans. Seeing these images, especially from both, I feel so proud as well to share the gospel! Jung Ryu Won updates her twitter account with some encouragements as well and updates about her morning prayer meetings.

(NOTE: images are from Choi Shi Won and Jung Ryu Won’s twitter accounts respectively.)

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