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Stars support World Cup through pictorials
Jung Kyung Ho

Obviously, it’s the World Cup fever especially in Korea. And it’s a delight to see these stars promote for the World Cup and show their support for their own country through media. Mostly through images, but singers also made music videos, CFs especially to promote the World Cup. An example of artists would be from above, Jung Kyu Ho, Lee Seung Gi, Skater Kim Yu-Na, Super Junior, 2PM, 2AM, Son Yeh Jin, Jang Shin Young and some more!

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Brilliant Legacy Episode 16


(Aaah, Yeah! I want that to happen soon. Guess soon can be the 20’s?)

I’m sure some of you here are kinda thankful for my low quality early captures. Since yeah, it’s currently number one in my most read. The three posts are my top three. Yet, I’m amaze with the magic of the drama. I decided to stop watching it live in TVAnts as it ruins the mood of the drama when watching it for the 2nd time. Watching it in low quality, then downloading it for it to be watched clearly and sometimes I have to edit it. So, watching it at least 3-4 times isn’t very fun. So, decided to quit doing early captures. Instead, i’ll rant about it. I won’t do it in a daily basis or recapping every episode as it’s excitement can’t be brought through reading, it’s through watching. Let’s take it lightly. As I get prepared for the other drama I’m planning to recap. 🙂 For now, enjoy the light story of Brilliant Legacy Episode 16. 🙂

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Screen caps for Brilliant Legacy Episode 16


Screen caps from tonight’s episode. Episode 16~ Captures are from TVAnts. So they are Low Quality. NOTE: I’ve missed a lot of scenes because I need to edit tons of pics. use the pics to ease your curiosity~

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Screen caps for Brilliant Legacy 14


Captures ftom tonight’s episode. Episode 14. Captures from TV Ants low quality video. I decided to make caps. It looks awful, though. Preview was good~

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Episode Highlights [Brilliant Legacy 12]


A new segment. Since it’s very tiring to do recaps for every episode for a drama, decided to do this one, instead. This might replace Drama Watch/Movie Watch. Have been tired doing the long recaps. I want to focus more on the highlights! And for Episode 12 of Brilliant Legacy, we have tons of highlights, but decided to place this very short, yet passionate highlight. The Big ‘I’m Sorry’ from Hwan. The scene was only short yet fun. No problem. Note, I’ll do a random Episode. Not 1, 2, 3,. It may be, 3, 4, 1, 2, 10. etc. 🙂  And not every episode has a highlight. Caps Here we go~

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Screen caps for Brilliant Legacy Episode 13


Captures ftom tonight’s episode. Episode 13. Captures from TV Ants low quality video. I decided to make caps. It looks awful, though. 🙂 It’s also posted in soompi thread of this drama.

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Drama watch (Part 2)

Brilliant Legacy(Bae Soo Bin, Moon Chae Won, Han Hyo Joo & Lee Seung Ki)

Okay~ I was actually planning to place this drama first but I got excited and had to place Story of Man first.
It’s such a pleasure to rant about such great drama. So, I’m starting to be creative and stuffs. (cute first pic! Moon Chae Won and Han Hyo Joo are angels.) Drama Watch Part 2 features Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance 찬란한 유산

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