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The author is sayroo. I’m very young. from what the name of the blog says. It’s ‘K.I.D’ I just made it fancy with making it as an abbreviation. What’s up with me? Oh! Basically in the net life. I’m a fansubber. I’m one of the two coordinators of the next to great Haru2subS. (a KDrama subbing team too). And I was once part of KDrama subbing team, WithS2.

I hadbegan to be addicted to the soompi world Last March 2008 when we moved to another country and started to be bored since our new house had no TV yet but with internet only. I was able to access, soompi and d-addicts. There I found great people and was able to expand my KDrama connections. But long ago I had been a K-Drama lover for about 4 years? Back then I was depending on DVD with crap subs (except for HGD wherein I saw WithS2 subs. ILLEGAL!!) or local provider for them to dub it in domestic language. I had joined WithS2 last September 2008. Since then my world had changed. Then last February 2009 I started my own KDrama Subbing Team, HaruHaruSubs. It was supposed to be a one-drama subbing team, but since I had created everything. Board, many staffs. I had proposed to be a permanent one. And whoala! Haru2subS.

About my real life. I’m young. (Don’t want to mention my age. Limited to people who can see me in soompi/d-addicts and my co-members in both subbing teams) I’m still studying and Male. Quite boring when I just come back home from school with nothing. Since I told myself that I will only do the studying at school (8:00am-3:00pm) and when that ends I’ll do my net life.

The blog is all about my things. Things I’m addicted to. KDramas mostly. 90%!

Just to inform everyone, that lovely header of K.I.D with Han Hyo Joo & Lee Da Hae. That was specially made by KY for moi. By my request. KY also does some banners for Haru. Give your love to KY! One creative human being! πŸ™‚


My username is usually, “sayroo” if it’s a public space like, twitter etc. I go with “sayrooldh06” but in forums, I mostly use “sayroo” as a signature name already. Also, to verify it is really me, Username shall either be “sayroo” or “sayrooldh06” My avatar is usually Han Hyo Joo, Lee Da Hae, Sung Yu Ri, Son Dam Bi, Yuri (SNSD), Yoona (SNSD) & Kim So Eun. Those are my avatar’s usually, for signature, the link of this blog should be placed, a link directing to Haru2subS blog or FanSub wiki and My twitter or Haru2subS’ twitter. Those are the things I usually put. I only join forums that are interesting and has life into it. If you see me in any forum, give me a holla and inform me that your a reader! keke. πŸ™‚

So, add me to your blogroll and you’ll read tons of K-drama happenings! ^^

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  1. Posted by Thanks! on October 20, 2010 at 4:10 pm

    Whoa, I’ve been reading your Box Office and TV Ratings thread at soompi for a really loooong time, but I never knew that you were the founder of Haru Haru Subs!! Wow, young people really are talented~~ I’m impressed that you created a board and that you manage your site and subbing team as well. And I’m really glad to hear that you’re a guy!! I wish I knew some guys that watch kdramas.


    • Hi back! Wow! I apologize for the late reply. I feel honored that you are a follower on everything I do. hehe.
      Well, everything is possible if you have the guidance of co-members, right? H2S is what it is today because of all of the supporters and our hardworking members. πŸ™‚
      I hope you can continue to enjoy the KDRAMA feel everywhere around. And I’m not really that active here anymore since it’s school days, so I’m more active at twitter. lol. πŸ™‚

      See you around!


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